questionswhat are your favorite date night movies?


Does porn count? Just kidding...

My wife and I had our first date at Sleepless in Seattle. So, I guess I'll say that.


Movies where Jet Li or Jason Statham are beating the snot out of people. If I can't have that, we'll go with explosions. We do watch plenty of movies with plot depth too, but it's not the same sort of feel-good fun.

If I want to see a chick flick (rare) I'll go with a female friend and spare my husband.


The Fifth Element is a great date movie I think. It has everything: action,romance, comedy, nudity(and her bosoms are small so it won't make your lady friend insecure :-).

Leon The Professional is another of my favorites that I fell as something for everyone.


Do people actually have movies that they watch routinely on dates, either with the same person, or different people? That seems a little strange.

I guess if I was going to pick a movie that would be good for that, it would be The Princess Bride.


We usually pick some sort of comedy. He hates chick-flicks, and although I love horror, he picks the goriest he can find (and I spend 3/4 of the movie with my head in a pillow begging him to turn it off).


The Avengers! Hubby and I saw a free screening a couple weeks back and are hoping to go again tomorrow night. :)

Looking back, all but one of our date night movies at the theater over the past couple years have been comic book movies.