questionsany recommendations on a new refrigerator for my…


Please check your pm over at Woot.


Actually, I got to thinking about it and there is no reason this needs to be private. I work for GE Healthcare and we can send out a Friends and Family link to the GE Store which sells discounted GE Appliances including refrigerators. I do have to have an email address as each referral is specifically tied to that email. The discounts are pretty good, maybe not as good as your local Scratch and Dent appliance store but still good, even better if they have a discontinued color or similar.

So if anyone would like a referral pm me over at Woot with an email address and I will sign you up. They do offer delivery,installation and disposal of the existing appliance.


@jazcat: I wish you had mentioned this before I bought my wife a freezer.


check craigslist too, my friend found an amazing fridge on craigslist, although she did have to arrange to have it delivered. but she paid less than half of what it would have cost retail, and it was brand new.


Oh also usually you can get a charity to come pick up the old one. You just have to call them. I had them come get my old washer and dryer when I moved into my new apartment.


@sgoman5674: Sorry. They send us emails every so often, to remind us about the benefit, and I had just gotten one so it came to mind when @faughtey posted.


Definitely Sears Outlet. I don't normally throw my considerable weight around. I will weigh in here. We saved money and the entire experience was pleasant.


We do have one.


Don't forget to check for rebates. Both our state (WA) and our PUD offer additional rebates on top of the federal and store rebates when you change out your old appliances.

I will also throw Sears Outlet into the ring as that is where we bought ours.


Thanks everyone, you are the best! I'll look closer at your suggestions at the end of the day. Please continue posting if you have any other ideas, as sometimes the thread dies after the OP posts again. :)


I second Craigslist. I found a used (but in great condition one) for $150 and the guy even delivered it for free! Brought it up on the elevator and into my kitchen. Been nearly 4 years and it stil works great.


You may want to take a look at a few apartment size refrigerators. They are smaller than the typical refrigerator but work great in smaller spaces.

Here's a page on what makes an apartment refrigerator exactly that...

Otherwise make sure you read more than a few reviews on Whirlpool and GE before buying:

Consumer reviews are at the bottom of each of these pages.


After doing some research online last night, I decided to go to Sears Outlet. They are having a 50% off sale on side by side refrigerators. Yay! I got up early this morning, and got a fantastic deal! It will be delivered on Tuesday. And they will take the old one away.
The new refrigerator is a white 25 cubic feet Whirlpool. Perfect!
I'd like to thank everyone again for their input, thoughts, and help in finding the best deal ever!


@jazcat: I never realized we can send PMs through woot. Does the F & F discount apply to ranges and dishwashers, too? Please sign me up:


@cgcozines: Yes, pretty much all types of large GE appliances, frig, ranges, dishwashers, ovens, microwaves (the large kind, not the countertop models). Built-ins or standalone models. They have new models and some older models too. Of course employees get an extra rebate but still the F&F prices are pretty good.

@faughtey, glad you found the right frig at the right price.


@faughtey - Either PM me or email me (I can't figure out how to get PMs to work). I have a deal for you.

Nevermind, just saw you already got one! :)


To both people who requested links to the GE Store I have sent them to you. I had to enter a first and last name so I sort of made one up based on your email addresses. If it gives you any problems just let me know.

Good luck, hope you find a deal.


The delivery guys brought the refrigerator this afternoon, and set it up. Have to say I was impressed! Everything from the salesman who found out what I was looking for, and didn't waste time showing me the wrong types, to the delivery men. Who went above and beyond by cleaning the floor before putting the new refrigerator in place, and explaining the features. They were so sweet to my elderly parents, and I loved that the most!


@faughty I was going to send you a PM, but I do not know how to do it I guess! Just a heads up - I just purchased a refrig, washer, dryer, mictowave, and electric range. I had never purchased an extended warranty because I had always read in the Consumers' magazines that if one bought a well recommended model, it was not cost effective. The salesman told me that if I did not want to purchase coverage, fine, but he strongly recommended I do so for the GE Profile Bottom Freezer due to the nowadays relative cost of repair vs the cost of coverage, and how nothing is made to last the way it used to be. I bought the coverage for the fridge and not for anything else. I have had these items for 13 months and the Maytag washer simply quit one day. A $376 repair to replace the motor. I wrote to Whirlpool who now makes Maytag, and they were oh so sorry but it was out of warranty! Long story short, I just purchased a blanket warranty on all of my appliances!