questionshave e-mail notifications been permanently…


I've just started to get them.. as in the ones from over the past few days that I didn't.


@kmeltzer: Me, too! A boatload just came in....40 & counting. It's fixed!

@inkycatz: and woot staff Thanks SO much!


Yeah, now we're all going to drown in them.

Ditto on the thanks (carefully not mentioning anyone).


@shrdlu: :-D Glub, glub. Not complaining at all about my flooded inbox. I mentioned @inkycatz: because s/he responded to the issue. Also, thanked the "woot staff." Should have mentioned @baqui63 for sending out the 1st alarm.

Thanks to EVERYONE!! ;-)


Glad they didn't forward all of them; one of my deals had 20-odd comments. But happy the notifications are back.



You're welcome, though I think it is more a sign of psychosis than anything else (on my part, I mean, not speaking about anyone else here).