questionsif woot sold scooters, would you buy one?


Pretty sure they've had the Razor-type ones on before :)


Serious answer: My coworker and I did the math one time. Both of us live about 14 miles from work, in different directions. We both work at home one or two days a week. We're in Minnesota, so we're going to be "scooting" maybe 6 months out of the year, tops. Throw in some bad-weather days, and even a dirt-cheap scooter/motorcycle/whatever would take years to pay off.


would it be called a WOOTER?


@kamikazeken: If someone asked if they could see my wooter, I'd be very cautious.


@kamikazeken: Wooter?... I don't even know 'er


@tsfisch: Did you factor in all the scooter groupies you'd pick up? Scooters are the new Harleys.


I'd love to have one. I live only 4 miles from work and live in in the desert southwest so I could get a lot of use out of it. I also understand that if they are below a certain power level they are considered bicycles and do not require insurance and may travel on the sidewalk. A couple of the City Reps are green and have shown an interest in putting a plug outside the building so folks could charge their scooters while they work. I haven't gotten one yet for two reasons: my route to work is very hilly and I'm not sure a scooter could cut it and I go home every day at lunch to feed my dog and an 8mph RT on most scooters would use up my whole lunch hour and allow no time to eat. I've actually toyed with the notion of leaving the car here on weekdays and scootering to work and taking the car at lunch, but then I wouldn't have a car at home in the evening if there were an emergency. I can't quite get the logistics pinned down.


@moondrake: In most states, you do not jump into the classification of a motorcycle if it is 49ccs for less. If you are average weight (180 pounds), no passengers and limited gear, that should get you to a cruising speed of around 25mph.


@moondrake: Even a moped (bike with an engine) should get you about 12-15 mph which would get you home in about 15 minutes.


@wisenekt: That doesn't factor for stop signs and stop lights, of which there are about a dozen. I work downtown and live in an urban area. Even though it is only 4 miles it takes me about 15 minutes to make the drive by car going 30mph in most areas,due to all the lights and stop signs. At least on the scooter the school zones won't slow me down. I figure at 15mph, I am looking at 25-30 minutes each way. Being able to ride on the sidewalks makes it safer (which is why they changed to ordinance to allow it, motorists don't give bicyclists many breaks around here) and also cuts back on traffic, but not on traffic control devices.