questionsdoes @snapster still lurk around deals.woot?


quick and by no means comprehensive search shows he did comment on a question about 7 months ago


@natedogg828: the deal that he shared is from today. i suppose he enjoys a good bargain as much as the rest of us.


@carl669: I think your image is from this deal?

I don't see Matt's name attached anywhere on that. I see that @firebirdude was the poster; maybe he knows something about it? I even looked at the Newegg site, and I don't see that bit about "Matt Rutledge shared this" either on the deal, or on Newegg. I'm confused (not for the first time, and I'm sure, not for the last, either).


@shrdlu: Could it be that Matt shared this on Twitter or FB?


@shrdlu @gmwhit: look at the image in my original post.


@carl669: I saw your image, which is why I asked about it. Perhaps @gmwhit has a point about facebook or twitter (or even google plus), where you may have seen something that the rest of us cannot see. It may also have been removed.

If Matt is still hanging out on Deals or other areas on Woot, I'm sure that it's some username that is non-obvious, and perhaps only known to a very few, such as @dave bug (for example). I would be interested in how you saw the image you saved, and whether it was visible to everyone (at the time you made the image), and what happened to it, if so.

I do love a mystery.


@shrdlu: while signed into my google account, i just searched for 'Team C125 64GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive'. i just did it again and the 3rd hit is @firebirddude's deal with 'Matt Rutledge shared this'. i believe it is shared on google+.


If he does, it's definitely not known by me!


@carl669: That's what I was going to suggest -- Since it was a Google search, it would make sense.