questionsis random shirt trading dead?


I actually got 3 cute and wearable designs this time! I was planning on checking the thread to try and pawn off, I mean, offer my previous randoms.
The reason I don't go check bask as often is that it is harder to get to the thread from the stuff you bought page.


I think it's general malaise.
The folks buying merch these days don't much bother with the forums.
See "Derby Vote Counts are in the loo" as an adjunct topic.

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Or maybe no one else is buying Woot shirts?


@barnabee: Or because the "trading forum" is 800 pages long? Or a combination of all our answers?


@jsimsace: I don't want to be a Chicken Little, but I truly believe the sky is falling here at Woot. It's too bad, Woot used to be a truly unique web site. Amazon is ruining a good thing.

The only thing keeping me around here is Deals and this community chat. I would miss most of the people.


@barnabee: Ditto. How much longer until we have the air let out here? The server issues the last few days make me wonder........ :(