questionshas anyone had their macbook stolen and traced it…


You could probably get a WiFi finder app for a smart phone to narrow down which house if you wanted to do some physical recon yourself.

Or maybe you will be lucky and some Deals.Wooters will go all mission impossible like the people on SomethingAwful did for the PPP-Powerbook.


I am an SA member (same name as I got by here) and I remember that thread. I rarely post anymore, mostly just lerk. maybe i'll head over and see if anyone wants to help me out if they live in the area.


You might try the forums at to see if anyone is able to help you figure out how to narrow down which house. I know David Pogue was able to find his iPhone via iCloud/"Where's My"/helpful police.

Best of luck to you - I'm sorry to hear that you were robbed and I hope that you're able to recover your stuff, but maybe more importantly, your sense of safety in your home.


I have no advice, but good luck. Sorry about your troubles and I hope your Macbook finds its way home.


All of the support that I know about for this kind of situation leads you to where you are at now.

I'm not tech savy enough to trace IP addresses to a location, but I'm sure you could find someone who can.

This came to mind for me as well:
I know there are apps for the ipad that allow you to remotely connect to your computers that are in your iCloud "family". I'm not sure if it's possible, but if you didn't have a password on your macbook, and he didn't add a password, there might be a way to remotely connect to your computer, at which point you could jump on google maps to pinpoint the exact location.

Also, nothing beats a good ol' stakeout! Just park, inconspiculously (if possible), within the range where you know your MacBook is. If you get a temporary USB jack-in internet, you could creep around and check, from a separate computer, which wifi is broadcasting from which house. At which point you could narrow down your results, then monitor the actions of the people.


Wait, scratch that last would look way too weird, and then draw attention to yourself.

If possible, you could just buy a skateboard and skater-kid clothes, and then nuts around the neighborhood with and iphone or smartphone. Just check your iphone periodically and randomly at different locations. The names of each Wifi and the houses where they are broadcasting from might give you enough evidence to do something. If you're careful, it might appear to everyone else that you're just skaing around practicing your moves, and checking messages from your friends now and then.

Best of luck! I hope you get your MacBook back! Be sure to update with the results!


I was snowboarding one time and my friend dropped his iphone. He used the find my iphone thing with my other friends phone and it brought him to some kid who must have picked it up. He got it back and it was pretty awesome to know you can do that.


Thanks for the advice guys - I have a plan right now to either flush them out or shame them. I'll keep everything up-to-date but my first step is making a flyer and passing it to every house in the neighborhood basically saying "This was stolen and it was traced to a house in this neighborhood. You can return the items and we can let it go or you can keep them and I let the entire neighborhood know where you live so you can rest easy at night knowing your neighbors know you are thieves."

One thing I do know is that the house where the MacBook was placed has some low level thugs. I may put in my flyer that the police will be notified and the increased activity might not be wanted by the larger criminal organization in the area. Large drug house across the street may frown on this type of activity drawing attention to them.

They probably have already either gotten rid of the MacBook knowing it will trace each time it connects to Wifi though. Especially since I locked it form icloud.