questionswhat happens when a deal or a question gets 1000…


Here's what it looks like with 3 digits:

Here's what it looks like with 4 digits:

So to answer your question:

Nope, it doesn't look like there's enough space for it.

Disclaimer: I tested this using IE9's developer tools, so this is just how it would render, I have no idea what it'll actually display if it breaks the 999+ wall.


@rychard: Thanks for the views. Looks like they'll need to build a bigger box. Just 'thinking' outside of it won't work.


Maybe the box will expand if it gets to four digits?


@rychard: pretty cool. when the netflix deal hit 100 downvotes, i think it was broken also. the woot devs had to fix it quickly since the last number was showing up wrapped under the other numbers. somewhere there's a screenshot, but here's the fixed deal link



Well, we could try pushing that deal to -1000 just to see what happenes.

Only needs 635 more downvotes... :)