questionshow much is too much?


I agree on the $39 with free shipping.

Free shipping makes me FEEL GOOD like I've gotten a good deal. Yes, crazy.


YMMV, but I love my Prime account. For <$7 monthly I can get practically anything shipped to my front door in 2 days, and then the streaming is icing on the cake.


Another thing to consider is sales tax. Since there is no tax on shipping the better deal is $24 + shipping vs. $39 w/free shipping.


@ohcheri: That's excellent logic.

I should reconsider, I suppose...


I've been told the reason why people like free shipping (even if the shipping fees are fair) is because the customer has already committed to purchasing at the advertised price and has gotten excited about the purchase....only to have to reconsider the purchase again, now with shipping fees. @hot72chev, you are not crazy and not alone.


While one school holds that "all that counts is the bottom line" in purchasing, and @ohcheri brings up a good point about saving on sales tax, if the shipping seems awfully high compared to the price of the product, it's usually better avoid the purchase.

Here's my reason: If you don't like the lamp and want to return it, you're going to end up paying shipping both ways, and that $19 seems awfully high to me. When the shipping is "free" (we all know it's not really free, but we're talkin' here about what the invoice says) and you want to return it, you'll only have to pay shipping one way.

I can't begin to tell you how many times I've gotten through most of the checkout process only to discover the shipping pushes the total over what seems reasonable to me. I have absolutely NO qualms about cancelling the process at that point.

YMMV, of course.


something about a $24 floor lamp that makes me think I'll eventually be calling the fire department.. but that's just me and my weirdness I guess.

Oh but I'm totally with you in not wanting something for x + $10 shipping, but if the total price is (x+$10 + free shipping), I'm okay with it....


I may not be the best person to comment since I once bought a painting for $0.01 with $99 shipping, but I think it is all about the overall price. Free shipping just means that you are paying for the shipping in some other way. If the overall deal price is good (item+shipping+every other cost) then it is a good deal. $39 is $39 regardless of how it is sliced and diced.


Everything you've said is true and logical. And, my general tendency is to make decisions based on logic. And yet, this. I posit that the phrase "free shipping" must trigger an endorphin release and I'm addicted to that little high. Yup, that has to be it.


@mamajamerson: I'm sure the reaction is along the lines of a place doing the "Biggest Sale of the Year", the human brain likes to feel like it is getting a deal. There have been studies done that some of the "deals" on Black Friday are actually priced higher than they are during the year, but they mess with the base price so it looks like you are getting a huge deal. Add in things like limited time offer and the illusion that the items are going fast and people will buy it.

If nothing else, you can chalk it up to human nature.


If it was $39 with free shipping, you retain the value of your money in the form of a lamp, rather than your money going towards a shipping service. So the lamp feels more valuable.

I LOVE free shipping.