questionstoo many sellers - do you just give up the deal…


sounds like a fun challenge for the boys. How much do you want to spend? That should be your challenge then. I will bet you a woot item that catbertthegreat can find the cheapest ones.


@hobbit: Ooooh, that is a good idea. I thought that it might be asking too much with all of the sellers I saw.

I would think that they should be able to find them for less than $25.00 for all three, including shipping.

Should I relist it as a Challenge? Or do you think people will see it here?


@ravelazquez: I would relist it as a challenge. Say you don't want to spend more than 25.00 including shipping or something like that. AND that you are looking for a reliable store, not some random company.


@ravelazquez: how about this deal - 2 pack 2 GB Kingston cards $13.95 free shipping.

so total cost $28 for four cards.


This one is just under $25. They suck and do separate shipping per each...but it might be good? If I find something better I will post!


@ravelazquez said, "I hate to admit it, but at this point I am about to give up and just go to the closest store and purchase whatever is cheapest."


It's disgusting how overpriced flash memory is at B&M stores.

A good place to start is to do a search here on deals.woot for microSD and sort by "Recent".

And just to make sure you find something in your search, here's a 2-pack of 2GB MicroSD cards by Kingston (good brand) at Newegg (excellent store) for $10.75 with Free Shipping. That's less than $5.38 each. Granted, this 2-pack has been priced as low as $9.99 recently, but this is the cheapest per-card price I see around right now for a trustworthy brand at a trustworthy store.

(Waiting to see if @catbertthegreat beats it....)


@ravelazquez: sorry, Scrub my first post. I did not notice the "micro' part of it - back to looking.


@ravelazquez: Oh and another rule, they have to post the deal on deals. not link it from the retailer's website in the thread.


@hobbit: I don't really think that the OP, who is asking for help, should put TOO many restrictions on the people he wants to help him/her.

Some people aren't going to want to post deals in case their find turns out not to be a great price and doesn't get any votes. Note: I've already posted my (first?) find on deals.woot, so I'm not talking about me. It's just that the more restrictions you put in place the fewer respondents you're likely to get.

[edited for gender neutrality - thanks, @hobbit]


@anotherhiggins: I think it is a she. but the OP seems to have too many options so it is up to the OP to help drill down the options to find what the OP needs.


@anotherhiggins: I think your deal is going to be very tough to beat.



If you buy two units of the 2-packs, that's four 2GB MicroSD cards for $21.50 shipped.

I'm looking for a lower per-unit price (or even a lower total price) on three cards.

@mfladd: Thanks!

It's a shame the OP didn't come looking a few days ago - as I alluded to, Newegg had this same product priced at $9.99 as recently as a couple of weeks ago.

Price history:


@hobbit: You are correct... the "he" is indeed a SHE.

@anotherhiggins: I appreciate you editing for gender neutrality, but as you found a fantastic deal that will save me $20.00 over the closest B&M store- You can call me a dude if you want. :)'

I agree about the huge markup at the B&M stores! I REALLY didn't want to do it... I did do a search on the deals side the other day, but didn't come up with anything still active. I was getting so frustrated that I was about to give up. I will be really surprised if ANYONE can find a better unit price on a name brand card from a known seller. THANK YOU!!!


Personally, I find that is the best computer-related retailer. The shipping time is usually next-day and the prices are usually lowest around especially if you get the emailed deals.