questionswhich t.v. would you want?


I haven't shopped for a TV in a couple of years and don't have any experience with any of these models, but I can offer some general advice that may help you.

First, these sets run from 47" to 65". That's a big range.

Consider where the TV will go, then measure the distance between where the screen will be to where you'll be sitting.

What's that distance?

Here's a writeup on Amazon to help you pick the right sized-TV.

Also consider all of the components you will want to plug into your TV (personal computer, game systems, blu ray, HTPC, etc) and make sure that the unit you're considering has enough inputs/outputs.


i love my panasonic, but it's not a plasma. i went lcd because of the extra electricity supposedly used and the amount of heat plasmas produce.


I assume it has to be 3D? You can save $500 or more by going with a non-3D set.


Samsung PN51D8000 (or larger) Hands down, best overall picture for movies, TV & sports. Only annoyance is they don't include 3D glasses with the unit.


Thanks for the replies. I couldn't get back to the question due to work, but I can give a little more information. Size doesn't matter for me. In the room it will be in can handle as little as 40+ inches up to a 65 inch. I really want to stay under 1800 dollars.
@thefenst Do you recommend any non-3D tv's as I don't care about 3D. They would still need awesome display that would still be relevant for the next 5 years.

Thanks again all.


@xarous: I don't care about 3D either. Glad to see I'm not the only one! I just got an LG 60PV450 that I love. I got mine on super sale for $800, but you can still get them for around $1300. Excellent TV. It is hard to beat LG for the bang for the buck. The LG 60PV250 is my TV's little brother and can be had for about $1200. In any case, both can be had for a savings of $400 to $600 off your max budget. I also love Panasonics (my last TV was a Panasonic) but they are considerably more expensive.