questionsany suggestions for high school graduation…


wow. i was happy to get a dinner out. $20 would have been amazing. $600??? how about a savings account?


@falcondeal took my stock answer....can't go wrong there.


Are they heading to college or some trade school? Is there something they need to get started there?

As Falcon said, nothing wrong with cash, but say someone is heading to school to become a mechanic, potential there in some type of tool, etc.

Even down payment on a car.


Geeze, I didn't even get $600 when I graduated from college last year...


@falcondeal: Would you trust an 18/19 year old with $600 in non-sequential, unmarked bills though?


I remember my mom promising me a laptop however when graduation came around we couldn't afford it. I got a Dr Seuss book instead. I don't remember being upset at not getting the laptop. I do know one thing, that laptop would be in a junk pile somewhere now, but I still have that book.


In my parents' circle of friends, the tradition was to send us off to college with new sets of luggage.

$600 would buy a pretty nice camera, too. I'm not sure what your relationship is to these students, but your budget is very generous.


A voucher for college textbooks for freshman year ($600-800 in total value).


You might just want to ask your kids. Don't mention a monetary value, but instead just state you want to get them a graduation present.

Or if you truly want to surprise them, just get them something. A Kindle, iPod Touch, Blu-Ray player, TV, speakers, new phone, etc. Or just get them a giftcard to and let them go nuts.


When I graduated from high school, my parents got me a Lands' End softside luggage set. I used it regularly throughout school (went out of state) and still use the toiletries kit and sometimes the small suitcase today.

When I give graduation gifts, for students going away to school, I put together a two gallon bucket with some school supplies and things for the dorm/apartment (extension cord, plastic cups, flashlight, deck of cards, small tool kit, picture frame, small nerf gun for the guys), using towels instead of tissue paper. For students going to college but living at home, I put together a crate (or something to help organize things in a car trunk) with school supplies, a flashlight, travel soup mug, deck of cards, umbrella and similar items. I've gotten great thank you notes, especially from those kids who didn't send a thank you until after starting school and finding the items useful.


@captainsuperdawg: Yes, I trust all the high school grads I know, work with, and counsel. I trust them because I know they value their education and would not waste the money. When I said "Cash" earlier, I guess I ultimatly meant a check.

Thinking more... An amazon gift card would be a good gift too. Most college students I know get their books on amazon. The book store is expensive and students can get a trial of prime for free, which includes free 2-day shipping.