questionswhat are your opinions on audible®?


You may want to try a ripping a free audio book or two from your library first to make sure book on tape is for you.
Yes Audible has DRM but software is available to fix ridiculousness.


I use Audible because I like to listen to audiobooks while doing housework or driving (especially long trips). I can't wholly recommend it, though, because of the DRM B.S. and their bizarre rules for the # of devices you can put the audiobook on. This is a royal PITA when your mp3 player dies on you, the alternate mp3 player is still charging, and you're in the middle of a book. Unfortunately, Audible's really the only game in town.


I love the Audible account I use. We get essentially 2 books/month with our subscription plan. They seem to have a decent selection to choose from. It's great if you are going to listen to it for at least a half hour at a shot. Perfect for long commutes because it gives you a reason to look forward to driving.