questionslooking for recommendations for 60" tv. should it…


LED will use a whole lot less electricity. As far as I know there's no real benefit in getting a 240hz TV. Even a 60hz will be just fine for practically everyone.


Depends if you want 3D or not.


Both LED and Plasma are nice but they both have pros and cons.

Plasma has come a long way to be competitive in it's pricing with LED; however, they still haven't fixed the main issue. As you use your Plasma TV, the screen can get dimmer and dimmer with time. So they are very bright in the first few years of ownership but with constant use you will notice some loss.

With LED, you cannot get the fast refresh rates that you can with Plasma but that might not be too important. 120Hz refresh gives you 60 frames per second (fps) per eye in 3D mode which is still twice as much as a traditional tube TV. 240Hz doubles that, of course. Both 120Hz and 240Hz are great when displaying DVD's at 30Fps and Bluray at 24fps (it divides evenly). Don't settle for 60Hz.

LED TVs can end up with a dead pixel or two. That's annoying if it occurs in the middle of the screen but it's worse when you have Plasma. Generally you do not just lose a pixel, you lose an entire column of pixels on Plasma.


LED. Plasma is a money pit still. Have to get them calibrated, recharged. BLAH!
Got LED and forget about it.


@samstag: Though 240 Hz is just a gimmick, there is actually a very large befit to getting a 120 Hz TV.
Movies are filmed at 24 frames per second. This number does not go evenly into the 60 frames displayed every second on a "standard" TV. The end result is that Frame A will be displayed three times while Frame B will only be displayed twice ("3:2 pulldown"). This leads to motion artifacts.
24 does, however, go evenly into 120. 120 Hz TVs can therefore display each frame five times, which eliminates the need to use any pulldown and thus eliminates those motion artifacts. A 240 Hz TV can do the same thing, but won't do it any better than a 120 Hz TV.

More info can be found here:


It's all just personal preference as far as I'm concerned. The consensus on here seems to be LED but personally I can't stand watching anything on them. My plasma is amazing and I would go plasma again if I had to get a new TV. Well that or projector, but that's another discussion ha.


All the numbers I wouldn't worry too much about. Contract ratio is a nonsense measurement. 240 Hz and 120 Hz don't matter.

I'd suggest getting a brand you recognize (Like Song or Samsung) because they tend to be somewhat reputable. I'd suggest looking at floor versions of TVs and figuring out what your personal preference between the different types are.

Fortunately TVs are at the point where it's becoming more and more true that they're becoming the same. A no-namer TV won't be as crisp and reliable as a major brand, but it'll still be pretty good.


@gavilla: What kind of room is this going in? Plasmas are great for theater rooms or basements without windows. No LED will give you the true blacks that a plasma can give you. On the other hand, if this is going to be in a room that gets lots of light, you may want to go with an LED, as they can get much brighter and counteract some of the glares/distractions that sunlight/overhead lights can put tvs.

Pro's for plasmas:
-Amazing colors & can achieve true black
-Price - Plasmas are cheaper than LEDs comparing two tvs with the same specs (not counting sales, etc.)
-Higher refresh rates

Con's for plasmas:
-Can be glary for rooms with lots of light
-Consume more power than LEDs (but this is still very minimal - my plasma costs about $24 per year to operate, compared to the $12-14 range of LEDs, so yes you save money with LED, but it's not by a lot anymore)



Pro's for LEDs:
-Bright (good for bright rooms)
-More energy efficient
-Thinner than most plasmas

Cons for LEDs:
-No true black

Overall, keep in mind that when you go to the store (or shop online), you will need to sift through the doorbuster models if you want something that you can connect to multiple components (think gaming system, blu-ray, cable, sound system, etc.), has a good warranty, and great specs. Most of the doorbusters severely lack in one of these categories. I noticed that the same model of TVs selling at Costco for cheaper were lacking some of the inputs that the more expensive model had at Best Buy. Just know what you need to hook up to the tv before buying. Also, know whether or not you want it to have the smart features (wifi, streaming, etc.) or not. You can save a lot by buying tv without these features built in along with a dedicated device to do all of that (think Roku, smart blu-ray, etc.).


thanks everyone for your suggestions.. I do have a 42" panasonic plasma.. which is the best picture I ever seen.. but it does give slight image burn in.. even after calibration and D nice.. and AVS forums etc.. stuff done to it..

I am just looking for a great 60" tv to put in our living room , don't care about 3D, but if a tv has all the ITV apps.. netflix, hulu etc.. and work great then cool stuff.
if not I will just get a WDTVlive .. and plug that in.. no problem.

thanks again..
if anyone has a Tv that can do what I am looking for.. please post it.!!