questionschallenge! eating healthier at work!


Lock n Lock! Not collapsible but those aren't all they're cracked (wait for it) up to be. Usually the rubber or whatever they're using for the collapsible bits end up cracking.


Dollar Tree has small disposable microwavable stackable containers that are just the right size for a serving of oatmeal for 6 for $1. You can throw them away or reuse them a dozen times. They seal tight and weigh nothing. If you want reusable containers, they sell small Rubbermaid and Betty Crocker containers 2 for $1. If you really want to lighten your load and can keep a bowl where you plan to eat, you can put your oatmeal in a ziplock bag and decant into the bowl at your destination.


Outside the box. I take single flavored oatmeal packages to work, what I found was too small and too much sugar. So I go the silo of oatmeal and put some in a baggy and bring the baggy to work caution when bagging up oatmeal if the seal gets oatmeal dust in it, the bag will pop open. I mix the plain and flavored oatmeal together dry and stir it, we have hot water dispensers at work for tea which works great for oatmeal.


Is bulk or weight a greater problem? If it's weight, I second @zuiquan's suggestion of Lock&Lock. Some of the containers in the non-nestable set that woot sells are fairly small and wouldn't take up too much room in a backpack.


I take oatmeal to work every day and just use whatever rubbermaid/lock&lock containers I have handy. I have access to a free supply of drink cups at work so I use those to "cook" my oatmeal but if they weren't available I'd just take a little bigger container.


I would would look past collapsible. Collapsible and sturdy/leakproof are not compatible. Most collapsible containers will not last long, and I would not want to be around when the container (with the oatmeal) came open in your bad. Uuugh!!

Note also: steel cut oatmeal is rapidly falling out of favor with the nutrition folks: it has a very high glycemic index, and is usually made worse by the addition of more sugar.


I prefer the disposable-but-reusable containers by Glad. Cheap enough to toss if I don't feel like taking them home and sturdy enough to use for months.

Also, Hillshire Farms makes fairly decent lunch meats (we like their pastrami) packaged in reusable, microwavable containers. (The company makes note of their usefulness on the bottom of the container.) Cheap, as in "free."


Steel cut oats generally need actual cooking. I think the OP was looking for a way to bring prepared oats to work, not instant. But you can still put prepared oatmeal in baggies, I store all kind of stuff including soup in ziplocks. Then you just have to have a dish to heat it in and eat it from at your destination. It's inadvisable to heat in the baggie.


What about disposable cups like those used to serve coffee?
You'd have to be careful not to squish them on the way in to work and they might need a seal of plastic wrap (possibly held in place by a rubber band) under the lid but, otherwise that seems like a good solution.
I've kept things fairly unsquished using the outside "water bottle" pockets on my backpack. Those cups can take a little bit of squish without failing, especially if they're holding something more solid and less liquid.
Might want to put the cup in a large ziploc or other plastic bag for the first few trials, just in case it does get squished.