questionswho many times does a deal need to be tattled…


I think just one. But, a mod has to check it out first, then if it is dead, it gets RIP'ed. I imagine they are pretty busy and it may take awhile for them to get around to it.


100,000 times, and then it has a 25% chance of being RIP'd.


I've reported one today 3 times and the users comments because he is being rude and cursing. It's still active. WTF?


@wickedd365: I've tattled a few for serious vulgarities, and it does seem to take a while before they're cleaned up/out. Personally, I'd rather have the vulgarities killed faster than the spam and dupes, since bad language seems to give permission for other new folks to do the same.


It's down now.

@magic cave: So true. Plus it just looks bad on us a community if everyone is swearing all over the place. I know I wouldn't want to frequent a place where everyone is all "F you for liking this deal or not"