questionsgood laptop hard drive?


Update, actually a Dell E1505. Not that I think that makes any difference.

Hey, it does what I need it to do.


Every hard drive manufacturer has its fans and its detractors because over the years pretty much every brand has had one or more products with some sort of reliability problem. If you lost data because of brand X's drive you will likely remember that forever and hate brand X forever out of spite.

Both Western Digital and Seagate make excellent devices. Samsung and Hitachi are also reputable brands.


@rlapid2112: Just curious as to why you recommended these two drives? I have never heard of Arch Memory, the manufacturer of the drive. Just wondering if you have used either of these drives or have heard good things about them.


@durkzilla: Exactly what I have been discovering, you put my thoughts into words. "Never use a [Fill in the Blank] hard drive cause mine crashed and I lost all my data and they are terrible." are exactly the kinds of reviews I am seeing. For all the different manufacturers.

I have had good luck with Seagate drives myself but didn't know about Hitachi or Samsung. I think the drive in the laptop now is a Hitachi. Will check those out, thanks.


@jazcat: One other thing: if you have the budget for it, consider an SSD - it will speed up your laptop pretty significantly as well as reduce the power requirements (you'll get longer run time on your battery). And there's less chance of a random crash causing all your data to go away.

I like the OCZ and Intel brands for SSDs.


@durkzilla: Wish I could but they are so much more than regular drives.


@jazcat: never heard of it before either. i just did a quick search to get your question rolling. the second drive is exactly what you wanted, right?

here's there website:

edit, again:

Here is what it states on website about their hard-drives, "No Software, hard drive pin adapter or caddy will be included. You must use the existing items from your original (factory) drive. This drive is an original OEM and does not come formatted."


Seagate Momentus XT. It is one of those hybrid drives. 4GB SSD, 32MB Cache and 500 GB of platter space. It's the hard drive I want, when I have the need for a new one

Here is the manufacturers page:


@crabnebula: That is exactly the answer I was looking for. A bit more than I hoped to spend but I agree that the speed will be worth it. Thanks @crabnebula.


An SSD will always be the fastest.