questionsdo you enjoy having fun with price errors on a…


I saw it on deals.woot:

It also was being discussed on slickdeals:

Where slick-deal people ordered hundreds of HDMI cables for a penny each free shipping, and other non-sensical orders that will obviously have to be cancelled.

I don't feel much guilt hopping onto errors like that at Amazon and other big box - I feel like hard knocks (like their pocketbook) is the primary way they learn.


I forget where it happened, but my brother saw some $40 notebook mouse priced at $1.xx (something less than $2 each) and bought 10. They honored it, surprisingly enough, and he gave them away to friends and family. =)


A year or two ago had a price error on a tool chest. It was normally $600+ and they somehow had it for $50 (I think they meant $500.00) I saw it and jumped on it right away. I got my order processed but then an hour or two later my order was cancelled and I got a generic email from customer service apologizing for the error but the product I had chosen had sold out, and my order has been cancelled. I know it didn't sell out, they just cancelled my order to save their butts! It was worth a shot though.


Just the other day I found a great deal on 80 lbs of flour at amazon. After I ordered it I decided to come here to post the deal and as I was adding it I realized they had changed the description to 20lbs for the same price. That made it a terrible deal.

My order history and invoice show the original quantity I ordered and they don't accept food returns, so they'll probably have to make it a freebie.


I hate how pricing errors online are almost never honored. In brick and mortar stores, they always used to honor any pricing errors. I once got a 12 pack of redbull for $1.99. I gues the difference is having an angry customer in your face vs. having countless faceless email addresses and credit card numbers. I still try my luck every time a deal like that pops up on here. What's the worst that can happen?


@samstag: What on earth do you use that quantity for? My flour gets all buggy after awhile. Do you have a bakery?


@klozitshoper: If you put it in some kind of air tight plastic container, it lasts surprisingly long. We've never had 80 pounds before but with a mom who loves to bake and a family of seven, 40 pounds used over 4 months (depending on the time of year) wouldn't be out of the question.


I'm still waiting for my $10 HDTV from Best Buy.