questionsin what order do you check the various woot sites?


I am on Deals around midnight and can see them from the thumbnails there. I'll usually click through to shirt woot or regular woot to get a closer look or if I feel like I have something funny/insightful to say.


Always save Deals for last because I know I will be here longer than any of the others.


Deals first, the others only if the 'advertisements' look good.


I don't have a specific order... For me it depends on the deals of the day. I typically open up to or deals.woot first, then hover over the various site squares to see what I want to look at next.


The main site. And, I just look at the thumbnails for the other sites. If something looks interesting, I'll go there. If not, I go peruse deals.


Celebrate your inner OCD!

ALWAYS, then deals.woot, and the others from the thumbnails.

I'm afraid of the bad luck I would have if the order changed even the slightest. I'd probably login to kids.woot only to find out that there was a woot-off with 12 different BOCs while I was sleeping.


I go woot, home, wine, kids, shirt, deals.

The main reason I go that way is that main woot and home.woot are the ones most likely to have what I want. Wine is next because you can't go from kids to wine, but you can go from wine to kids.

I also like voting in the polls every day, so I'll go to some sections of the site even if I don't want the item, just to see the poll.


Main site or Shirt, then I look at thumbnails.


@phoenixgirrl: Yeah, I noticed that you cannot go from "Kids" to "Wine" as well. Always a thorn in my side. So in my weird obsessive behavior, I have to click back to "Home" to click forward to "Wine".

I also do it in my order to answer all the polls first.

Thanks to everyone who answered so far. I noticed a lot of people check out the thumbnails before clicking. Part of the appeal of the woot family of sites is that the descriptions are original, creative and funny. I dislike very distant and clinical reviews and descriptions unless they are tech-driven sites like tomshardware or anandtech where things like GPUs are almost exclusively judged by benchmark tests.


I go to kids first even if I'm not interested in what they have because that's my daily woot email, and lazy link clicking, yay. From there I browse the little squares to see if I want to check out woot, home, or shirts and prioritize based on which looks best to me. After I'm done with those, I settle in to browse Deals and read/answer questions.

Save the best for last!


1. Main 2. Shirt 3. Home 4. Sellout/Deals 5. Wine 6. Meh I don't have any kids.


I didn't want to post this, because I didn't want my black triangle to go away from all the downcounts I bet I'm going to get, and I don't want to come across as being hypersensitive. . . but it's more important to me to get the word out that OCD is a serious, debilitating mental illness.

Everyone has their little obsessions and compulsions, but most people do not actually have OCD. To give you an idea of the difference: A person might go back to the main Woot! page before clicking on each of the other Woot! sites. This is a little obsessive and a little compulsive. If you worry that if you don't complete the task of going to each site within a minute while holding your breath or else you're going to get cancer--that's OCD.

When you use it as an adjective (which is wrong in itself), you let the term continue to become a part of the common vernacular, and you dilute its meaning to a point that it's harder to convey what real OCD and the suffering that goes along with it is.


kids, main, wine, home, shirt, deals. would be wine after kids, but it doesnt show up on the kids site.


I always start at Shirts. Then, I glance at the pictures for the other ones, and I only click them if they seem interesting. If not, then Sellout next.


Deas, main, then which ever one catches my eye. I almost never go to wine, even if I wanted to purchase, it's usually too expensive for me.


I go Main-->Sellout/Deals-->Search for latest Moofi-->Home-->Kids(even though my kids are too old)-->Shirt. Lather, rinse, repeat.