questionsdid you hear that charles durning died?


I was just looking at some of the parts he played. He's done a lot of work.


RIP - I now have that little song stuck in my head as well.


How ironic... he played Santa Claus in Elmo Saves Christmas.


@tarasadies: Apparently he played Santa several times. And even a stint as Satan. Now that's range!

I remember him most as Doc Hopper in The Muppet Movie, 1979.


what a life he led. I loved him in Evening Shade, great cast.


@gigi889: Evening Shade! I had forgotten that little show! Loved it!


Here's part of the speech given by the Consul General of France upon awarding Durning the Ordre national de la Légion d'honneur.
"...You were sent to England in February of the following year. On D-Day, you took part in the invasion at Omaha Beach, landing early in the day with a battalion of Rangers, alongside the First Infantry Division. Your unit suffered heavy casualties, though you yourself made it to safety. You were seriously injured by a landmine in June of 1944. After six months of recovery, you fought on the front lines in the Ardennes Offensive in December, and again were injured, this time by a bayonet in hand-to-hand combat. Your unit was captured by an SS Panzer Unit in Belgium, which was taking no prisoners. You were one of the few to escape the notorious Malmédy massacre. Then with the 398th Infantry Regiment, you moved into Germany where, again, you were wounded in March 1945 and then evacuated home to the United States."



"..Your actions have earned you an impressive number of decorations: the World War Two Victory Medal, three Purple Hearts, the Bronze Star, and the very prestigious Silver Star for the brave act of destroying a battery of enemy machine guns."

Durning rarely spoke on his war experiences, but was an advocate and ardent supporter of those in military service and their families.
We have lost another of The Greatest Generation.


He was also great as Tommy Gavin's father in Rescue Me. I loved this scene showing him talking on the phone to Tommy, with subtitles showing what they really meant.


@bingo969: As many roles as he has done, this is what I remember him for. He played a great drunken fun Irishmen! RIP!


Another great one gone... :(