questionswho should i change to instead of time warner…


Well I would recommend Dish and the Hopper. We got setup for it a few months ago and love it. Much better than the local cable company (mediacom). Dish does have internet options but they are not very fast. (They use your phone line). We switched to DSL to save $$ and it is fast enough to still stream HD Netflix and for online gaming (xbox).
If you do want to switch to Dish, let me know. I would love to refer you and get us both $50 off our bill. ;)

I forgot to mention that Dish gives you a free ipad mini when you sign up for 2yrs. (if you dont want it, sell it for a few bucks)


@jbraunonline: I've been looking around and the review on Yelp at least suck! Especially with Dish. I'm looking into Netflix now. I'll let you know if I change my mind.

I'm not getting email notifications when there is an answer even though my settings are right. HELP TECH SUPPORT

Can someone explain Roku or Apple TV? I have a Tivo which I think I can use for one TV.


@minkeygirl7: We use a Roku, mostly for Nexflix but there are a ton of other channels(free and subscription based). Not enough for us to get rid of Cable/Satellite yet. What were the bad reviews on yelp for regarding Dish? I will have to look for myself..


We dumped Comcast (Xfinity) a few months ago for DirecTV and I couldn't believe how much better it was than Comcast. We had DirecTV years ago and it was crap, and would go out nearly every time it was stormy. They have certainly solved that problem, and their (many!) extra features that come with their DVR main processor are accessible from all of the other sets in the house. We're lovin' it, and at much less $$$ than Comcast!


@bigelowb: Wow, that's good to hear. I think there are differences in where you are geographically. I'm talking to a guy who has AT&T and loves it, but in So Cal, the reviews are just horrible. I'm looking into Netflix but I watch way too much TV and start up is money I don't have right now. What are you using for internet?


Many people in our development have Dish. I can tell our is newer because our Dish is black and a little larger. I am sure Dish and DirectTV have both improved the loss of signal over the years. We have had very little signal interruption since we had it and there have been many a snowstorm here in MN this winter. We did have to brush snow off to get signal but I expect that... I believe they have a money back guarantee like most things these days so shouldn't hurt too bad to try Dish or DirectTV. Our experience with installation and customer service was great. Good luck!


@minkeygirl7: I'll second DISH. The DVR is easy to use and we've never had outages or any reason to call CS. they've got the Hopper (commercial skipping) and Prime time anytime which my wife loves. DISH also includes the ability to load anything on your DVR onto you iphone or ipad to watch completely offline as well as having access to most of your live TV channels and DVR (setting and watching) online using your computer, tablet, or phone.


@nmchapma: I just looked at DirectTV and I can get all the same channels I have except Sundance which is pretty good. I'll look into Dish too and ask my neighbors. Both of them, though got suck reviews here.

Right now I'm going through my Tivo and making sure 2 shows don't record at the same time. That will give me more time to figure out which way to go.

This is what I needed to get rid of TWC. Almost 30% of my bill is equipment.


@minkeygirl7: my equipment charge is $6 with Dish :-)

BTW Dish has a 1 star review in my area on yelp :-)


#1 : I can't speak about Dish or DirecTV for service (although my friends loathe them both), but my experience with handling credit and debit card disputes for credit union members leads me to caution you to be very sure you to get a receipt (and take notes!) for any equipment you return to them, and do not ever use a card to pay for a friend's service "just this once." They tend to keep that info on file as a second-payment-source for your friend.

#2 : If you decide to replace or upgrade your Tivo, check with They're extremely reputable (Tivo refers to them for out-of-warranty repair) and their prices and customer service can't be beat.

#3 : I have a new Roku and Chromecast (haven't used them yet though) in the hope that with them and Netflix and Hulu Plus I can cut my Comcast bill back a little. I'm currently spending a fortune for service that is less than great.


@nmchapma: I'm looking at DirectTV right now. Dish has expensive internet, like $40/month. What I'm having a problem finding is how much prices go up once the promotion is over. Equipment is free right now, but how much in 12 months?

My TWC bill is about $112. The cable plan with internet is $79.99. The rest is equipment. $21 for 2 digital boxes and $6 for a modem.


@magic cave: not sure what you meant about #1. I don't have the money right now to get Roku or Apple TV and my Tivo is out of date. I think the best for me is probably DirectTV. I have some more research to do but I'm leaning that way right now.

I worked in Customer service for years. I document everything and have receipts going back to the beginning of time. No way anyone will take advantage of me that way.


@minkeygirl7: Didn't mean any confusion on my #1 above. I was only pointing out that if you go to one of them and eventually leave them, they're both occasionally very quick to debit a card for "failure to return equipment."

I also used to get lots of disputes based on a member having done a friend a favor by paying for the Dish/DirecTV service "just this once," only to discover sometime down the road that the friend had been delinquent again and the company just charged our member's card again. Evidently both companies keep hold of any billing data they get their computer-y little hands on.

The comment about (who thinks up these names??) was just a throw-away in case you wanted to see if you could upgrade your Tivo instead of changing services.


@magic cave: Thanks for clarifying. I never use direct payment. I don't want anyone to have that kind of access to my information. I also would never pay for anything for someone else. If you have bad credit, that's your problem.

I get it about Tivo. Mine has been paid for for years. I just can't fork out more money right now for equipment. I can get DirectTV and Internet through AT&T for $70/month. Internet from Dish is really expensive from what I can see.

I may want to see about keeping TWC for internet.

Oh and if I upgraded my Tivo I'd need a cable card which would give TWC more of my money!


You don't define "TV", but have you considered dumping "cable" altogether?

A combo of services might get you where you want for a lot less money:

1) Digital over the air TV - best possible picture quality since the compression is lower than any cable/satellite service. A lot of people are surprised at how broadcast channels have expanded since digital. We get two classic movie channels: Check your antenna signal here:
2) Streaming services: Netflix, Hulu+ Amazon prime, various boxes - the easiest being Roku. Apple TV richness is growing, likely to get a lot better due to Apple's investment in it.
3) Either via a connected PC, tablet, or Smart TV, a lot of content is available directly from the content owners, often for free.


@bluemaple: After I posted this Someone suggested Netflix. I'm not in the position to buy any more equipment right now so that is out.

I thought of antenna. According to AntennaWeb there are just not enough channels for me to watch. I have the TV on all the time and I'm not willing to give up a lot of stuff I like.

Thanks for the idea though.


What equipment would you need for Netflix? I use my blu-ray player or the desktop that is hooked to my TV for watching it on the big screen, and one of my laptops, my tablet or my phone for watching it anyplace else. Not so much the phone, as the screen is too small, but it's okay to watch a sitcom for a few minutes in the waiting room or something. I'm following this thread because I am getting ready to move my Mom into an assisted living complex and I need to sort out entertainment options for her. She has gotten really attached to Netflix while staying with me as all the shows are closed-captioned and it's very easy to select and move between shows and episodes (she has Alzheimers so stuff has to be easy). So I am weighing the cost, simplicity of use and closed captions for cable versus sufficiently speedy internet and a Netflix enabled blu-ray.


@moondrake: You need a computer, gaming console, Roku, Apple TV. Something to hook to the smart TV. I don't want to use my computer. There is a Netflix site that can give you info. I think it's

Now my problem is wifi. I'm reading that U-verse internet does not like Apple Express so I may have to keep my TWC internet until I figure that out.


@moondrake: I hooked anti tech relatives up with a laptop to Chomecast set up. Android to Chromecast would have been better, but they had a laptop.


@minkeygirl7: You could get a Netflix capable Blu-ray used for what you'll pay monthly for a tv service, and you'd have a new Blu-ray instead of just holes drilled into the walls. AFAIK, some smart TVs can also get Netflix directly via you internet connection.


@moondrake: That would be an option however I have zero money to spend on any equipment and if I did it wouldn't be a blue-ray player since i never watch movies.

I"ve considered all my options and right now it's probably DirectTV since I don't get U-verse, which in my area sucks. I have to do more comparison between DirectTV and Dish.

The bigger decision is internet. I have Apple Express which I hear is difficult to hook up with U-verse and I don't know enough about how it would work with DSL. I'm thinking I may just keep TWC internet for now.


@minkeygirl7: If you decide on DirecTV (I love it), find a friend who has it who will refer you, then you split $100 off your bill.


@pooflady: Hey, thanks for the hint! I do know someone who has it. Do I have to order through the DirectTV site? I was going to get it through ATT since they seem less obnoxious? Also the other places that carry it are so annoying.


@minkeygirl7: Every month the person you know gets something in their statement about referring someone. I'd call them. I got DirecTV through my local phone company and the deal was $6 off every month and that's been going on for at least three or four years. I don't know if there's anything in your area like that.


@pooflady: Fantastic! I'll ask him or see if my neighbors get it. I'm not sure what they use. I was planning on getting it through ATT because I have a landline with them so maybe I can get a discount.

I was looking around on the Directtv site and they give you an HD DVR for $25 more a month which I don't want. I think if I sign up this month I also get a $100 VISA although I'm sure they always have deals. I'm gonna keep TWC for my internet for now.



@minkeygirl7: Noticed the "landline" mention. If it is a POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) line, you're likely seeing AT&T (you also mentioned UVerse in your area) steadily raise your monthly cost. They want you off that POTS service since analog use of their wires is inefficient and unprofitable.

You might consider dumping the landline and porting its phone number over to Ooma unless you have a very specific need for POTS. Ooma is a VoIP telephone service like cable/Uverse phone, Magic Jack, & Vonage, but cheaper and just as good or much better depending on who you compare. Deals and Woot regularly have Ooma boxes for less than $100 and you only pay the $3-4/month taxes/fees.

Been on Ooma for several years and it just plain works. Even sweeter if you can swing the Premier package at +$10/month. (We moved from AT&T DSL + a POTS line to UVerse Internet only + Ooma.)


@bluemaple: I have a plain old land line because I need it for faxing. I only pay about $4 a month because of a special program I'm in. In fact it just went down to that from $17, so I'm not worried.

Even if I wanted to change, as I said, I don't have any money right now (had to buy a new computer) for anything else. This works fine for me.


@pooflady Just talked to my friend. He said $100 each plus $10 off per month for 8 months! Thanks so much for telling me about this. I love free money.

Have to figure out when to do it so I'll be around and then get old stuff back to TWC. I don't drive so it's always a challenge to get places.


I dumped Comcast 11 years ago cause they Sucked...
Went to Verizon DSL and Direct TV and saved a bunch of money...


@hobbitss: I'm going with DirectTV for sure. Still trying to figure out internet because I have Apple Express and some things don't work with it. I don't even think I have Verizon here so my options are limited to TWC cable or ATT Uverse. But lots of stuff on Apple Forums about how hard it is to get wifi set up with ATT and I'm not technical at all. Right now it's probably easier to just stick with TWC.


@minkeygirl7: It is only a matter of time... Eventually the cost and lack of customer service will be so great that you will be forced to change service provider.. Pain will be the driving force that enables you to seek change and to learn what you need to know to adapt to that change... You will be a stronger and more knowledgeable person at the end of this ordeal... So something good will result from the merger of Comcast and TWC beyond their loosing lots & lots of customers...


@minkeygirl7: didn't notice - do you have a specific need to use the Apple wireless router?

When we changed from AT&T DSL to AT&T UVerse, they installed a free wireless router. (No rental fees for us.) And while that router might not be glamorous, it has been bullet-proof, functionally. In 2 years I can recall only a couple times when we felt we needed to cycle it off and on.

FYI: our wifi device mix is complex - Windows PCs, laptops, Android tablets, Apple tablets and phones, Smart TV, whole house energy/power monitoring, wifi thermostat, and security cams.


@minkeygirl7: BTW, our experience with UVerse internet has been nearly flawless. It might help that we are about a mile from the main switching station.

And while folks like to beat on AT&T customer service historically, we have also found it to be nearly flawless. It feels like somebody woke up and is pumping a lot of effort into service over there. My parents have the same experience with triple services from UVerse in another state.


@hobbitss: I've been wanting to change, I just needed a kick in the butt. But better the devil you know.....


@bluemaple: Actually no. I'm not married to my Apple device, just that I had it. And because I don't understand how this stuff works it just seemed easier for me. I don't like change or learning new things. Yes I'm old and cranky.

I will call ATT and have them explain everything to me. I just have other things I need to take care of first.

I really appreciate all the help everyone has given me. A few years ago I did call DirectTV and was so put off by the smarmy sales people I said forget it.

Who knows if the merger with TWC and Comcast will make a difference. They keep charging more and more money and providing less and less services. Not everyone wants a big fancy setup. I just want to watch my shows, and be able to record one channel and watch another. Now that is gone and I'm not giving another dime to TWC if I don't have.


@minkeygirl7: I totally sympathize with the poor TWC experience. The TWC turn-in-equipment experience with my daughter when she graduated from an upstate NY school was the worst customer service experience I've had in a long time. She regularly had to fight them on service quality and billing issues.

It was simply a cable modem - Internet only service. We were on our way out of town and needed "account closed" in writing confirmation. Waited in line for 2 hours with only about 6 people in front of us at the start. (And we were off-cycle timing-wise from other students.)


@minkeygirl7: Regarding DirecTV, in a prior life my department had responsibility for it for our corporate US locations. (The primary reason we had it: European company with European-nationals who needed their Euro-football/soccer league fix... and music on hold for the PBX.)

1) + The TV service itself was very solid in every location.
2) - Installation and support was extremely variable and often poor since it depended on an exclusive local contractor.
3) - Calling the DirecTV corporate folks about the local support was mixed - lots of polite finger-pointing.
4) - If payment got delayed by our Accounting dept or a DirecTV screwup , DirecTV was surprisingly eager to suspend service.


@bluemaple: Yah I am not looking forward to returning the equipment at all. Since they don't have my account number, I'll return when I can and make sure I get something in writing. They can bill me till the cows come home.

As for suck service. Everyone has problems, DirectTV, Dish and TWC. That has been my reluctance to change (we lost service during the Super Bowl and to compensate us they gave us credit for a movie on demand. WTH? I called and asked for the credit instead).

I was in Customer Service for years so I know how to deal with idiots. In fact I had the phone for the office of the President at TWC.

My friend here has Direct and has no problems with it and although some people in my complex have have Dish, and it does have some benefits (24/7 CS), I'm not sure what they offer for internet. I also the previous owner of my place had satellite so there is a dish up there, just not sure who's.

I just will not give any more money to TWC.


@bluemaple. I just got off the phone with ATT. First, my address is not in their system so I have to wait till Thursday or Friday for me to even order my Uverse and Direct TV. Then she told me that the Gateway modem and router would be either $7/month or I'd have to pay $100. What is with that? I told her I had a friend who got it free.


@minkeygirl7: The trick is completely in how you negotiate. While promos/policies vary by region, I recall them trying to charge for the router. We have competition in our market: Comcast/Wow/UVerse. These companies are very aware of the competitive offers.

I did not approach them with an "how do I order service attitude?". I threatened to leave AT&T DSL for the cable guys. If you tell them you want to order - leverage gone. My manner was "I'm walking away unless you improve the deal". Perhaps I've been lucky, but I've never paid a rental fee in my life.

Try, "I've been basically content with TWC Internet, but friends have raved about AT&T customer service, a weakness at TWC. Changing providers is a pain in the neck. I'm not going to try UVerse unless you give me the following..." If they don't cave, tell them it isn't enough to get you to move. Hang up.

Call back to get another agent, or even a week later. Good agents keep notes in your file, so don't lie.


Another trick when they jack prices on existing services. Don't call "Customer Service" to complain. Go straight to the cancellation department. "As a result of your latest hike I am cancelling service." The best agents, armed with the absolute best deals staff the cancellation department. Offer to commit for 12 months for the right price. (AT&T likes that.)

They know most people don't bother to change but it costs them a ton more to conquest than to keep an existing customer.


@bluemaple: signing up for Dish right now. Much cheaper than Direct. Keeping Time Warner for now. When it comes time to renegotiate. I'lll be back.

Thanks to all for input.


@bluemaple ATT wants me to buy a modem to the tune of $100. Then I pay $29.99 the first year and up to $45.99 after that. To offset the price they would give me $150 in Visa Cards.

I told them to forget it, but I'll tell TWC they're letting me have it for $14.99 since I have a phone and internet with them.


@minkeygirl7: actually, that sounds pretty good with the debit card. You are coming out $50 ahead assuming they aren't trying to charge for installation. It's hard if not impossible to get a bigger card when you're only signing up for Internet.

But note as with all these clowns you need to threaten to leave every 12 mos to reset the monthly rate.

Everyone comes to the table when you do the triple play, making one of the three services feel like it is free.

Good luck!


@bluemaple: I agree it's a good deal but I just don't have $100 now (just had to get a new computer) nor do I want to spend money on a modem if I don't like the service. I haven't seen one review on how their internet service is in my area.

I can return it within 30 days but then I have to deal with TWC again and I don't have the energy for that. My plan now is to tell TWC I can get internet through ATT for $14.99 and see what they do. And I have TWC retention on Speed dial so I'm good.

What annoys me is someone here said they got the modem for free from ATT. So why can't I? So I don't get why I have to buy it.


@minkeygirl7: I was the one who said I got the modem free. And it sounds like you would too if AT&T is giving you a $150 debit card in exchange for paying $100 for the modem. You come out $50 ahead! ;-)