questionscan the top answers/top comments coupon code be…



It will work on any Woot! site.

I used one on a 3.00 dollar item. So no restrictions.


@xarous: But can you use it for overnight shipping? Standard shipping already is free on shirt.woot.


@gonffen: Yes, you can. The kid ordered the Saturday shirt ( ) and used one of his four free ships and he received his shirt yesterday. He was so happy, he even did laundry so, that he could wear it today.


If you do use it to get the free overnight shipping, remember to change your address to a street address if you normally have it set as a PO box. I forgot to do this during the woot-off and now need to see if I can get a code credited back to me. (The shirt was sent smartpost; so instead of getting it last Monday, it's now scheduled to arrive next Monday.)


My understanding is that they set it up as a coupon specifically for shipping so no matter what kind of shipping you're trying to get taken off- that's what it'll do. So you get a somewhat better deal if you use it on a Wine order right now.


@theoneill555: @agingdragqueen: Thank you!

@msklzannie: I only ship to my house anyways but I wasn't thinking this morning but I'm really not worried about the lost code. Just hoping delivery happens sooner rather than later in the 5-100 day window. Good luck getting your code back!


Didn't even know people got coupons for top comments/questions. The Woot gods are some generous gods.