questionshow often do you bbq or fire up the grill?


The heat hasn't but the wildfires have!! We're so dry here I cringe everytime I hear a cricket chirp, I'm afraid the friction will set my yard on fire. :-/


I'd much rather cook outdoors than heat up my house using the oven or the stove. I've grilled nearly every day this summer on my Kamado Joe and I don't see any signs of stopping any time soon.


All the time. I live in sunny FL and the climate allows for BBQ year round. Also, it says on the electric bill, most homes in FL have electric stoves.


I used to grill quite regularly (3-4 times a week). But, this year, for whatever reason, I haven't (maybe once a week). I think it's a mix of just being too hot, and my wife starting to cook more. But, I should get out there and grill more before it's too late!


@kmeltzer: What's funny is that even my wife is grilling more. She does most of the grilling during the week while I'm at work. She's getting pretty dang good at it.


Last year we grilled a lot; this year for some reason it's only been a few times.

Think it's time to replan a few meals this week.

By the way, live in lower Alabama - grill year round most times.


Used to be 2-3 times a week. Now I live in an apartment and can't use a grill.


About once a week on average during the warm weather. Sometimes 3-4 days in a row, and sometimes not for a couple of weeks. In the winter I grill maybe twice a month.


Too hot in Southern IL. Last time I grilled it was 105 degrees outside. That was when I decided I was going to wait for cooler weather.

I love to grill in the winter, when it's not too windy. Takes a little more heat, but it's nice to have hot coals to stand in front of.


At least once per week, usually on a weekend day. It's almost about that time when I have to pull out the chainsaw and restock my mesquite wood. Don't worry people, there are plenty of broken mesquite branches around here. No living trees will be hurt during the restocking process.


3-6 times per week. Burgers, steaks, pork ribs, tri-tip, sausage, chicken, pizza, salmon steaks, shrimp skewers, corn on the cob....


@kamikazeken: I'm with you. At least 3 to 4 times a week, and sometimes every single day.


It must be the heat in AR because we haven't grilled outdoors since July 4th. Normally it's more often than that.


BBQ or Grill? Two totally different things.

I grill steaks, hamburgers, hotdogs, etc. at least once or twice a week.

But to BBQ I fire up the big pit for brisket, pork butt, cabrito, etc. and slow cook for several hours. Low and slow. Usually do this about once a month.


I live in FL and my grill has natural gas plumbed right into it. Never run out of fuel. I grill 3-4 times a week easy. There's not a meat on this earth that doesn't taste better from the grill.


just had beef tri-tip marinated in redwine and garlic tonight. Slowcooked over charcoal for about 90 minutes. Usually I rotisserie the tri-tips over gas flame, but tonight decided to charcoal grill.

Planning st louis style spareribs tomorrow, will also slowcook them with a dry rub for about 2 hours, misting with a spray bottle every 6-7 minutes, and then brush on KC masterpiece hickory & brown sugar sauce the last 10 minutes.