questionswhat person keeps downvoting my posts?




maybe because you call people idiots. Could be a possibility


Throw my name into the pile of idiots.

You wwebsite as on the internet, I see.


This is going to be one of my favorite posts today, I see. Anyone else go on a (well deserved) downvoting run?

Dear wanker boy; You must be new here.

Signed, Everyone's Favorite Nemesis.

[Edit] Hey, what idiot downvoted Meh? That was one funny comment.


[Edit again] Anyone else notice that wanker boy joined in 2007, and still hasn't made a purchase?


@wickedd365: 1st of all it was AFTER they kept doing it to all mu posts,so it was deserved. If they were mature and had a GENUINE problem with my post they could have stated it instead of wrecklessly minusing ALL of them.



All but one of them have now been expired. That seems like an abuse of the expiry system (but smart). There's still one out there, though.

I know, I know, but it's my hobby. I can't help it.


Maybe you should start posting better stuff.


Maybe..thought they were good deals.(?)Was only trying to be helpful.I'll post on other sites instead of this one from now on.


@shrdlu: FYI ...It's wanker GIRL not BOY,unless where you live the guys have names like TRISH,which would undoubtably explain why YOUR panties are in such a bunch.


I want to play, too! I'll be #31.

To which posts in particular are you referring?


@xptrish: Ever heard a boy named sue?


@okham: I think she's referring to her deals, all of which are in the negatives.


@captainsuperdawg: Yes,I was.Because there was no reason for it.whatever I guess,some people got nothing better to do with their time I guess.


@okham: Yes I have..was a good song.


@captainsuperdawg: The pillow was positive...

I thought she was referring to comments, not deals, when she said posts. Those aren't too bad, only a handful of downs.


Anyone know of some good deals on popcorn?

(On a serious note, a little tact in wording goes a long way around here, so yeah. Haters gonna hate, inhale exhale, etc.)


I am curious what the vote counts were at before this was posted (it seems like the deals were likely downvoted by people who saw this tread)...


Hopefully windows7trish will include an upgraded personality UI.


@hiiamstevie: The deals were only downvoted a little bit. They were expired very shortly after this post was made. I think that the OP was objecting to any downvotes. When we know that there are people who seem to just go down the list on the Fresh tab, downvoting everything, no matter the merit (or lack of it), and that some of those same people also do this on commented deals, anyone posting a deal should expect some downvotes. I don't take it personally, myself (although it sometimes makes me sad to see genuine calls for help on the AtC/AtW side being downvoted, with no responses).

It's just a web site. Downvotes don't physically injure me. Sometimes it'll make me wince, but I'll also look to see who else is participating in a thread. Some people downvote comments whenever they don't agree.

Non sequitur of the day (because I can't resist): Diamonds. That'll shut her up. {Thanks, Tater Salad. :-D}


Well call ME an idiot...I actually UPvoted a couple of those deals. :-/

A little bit of patience and a LOT less venom goes a long way...those deals were pretty new and probably would have gone up if not for this thread. Some people downvote for personal reasons and some people downvote just because they can...if it is a good deal the upvotes will turn it around eventually. (Unless you pitch a fit and start calling names.)


@90mcg112: Winner!

That was the best laugh I've had all day


@xptrish: You should create a new username. This one is well tarnished.

I've got my eye on you.

@shrdlu: I knew you were my hero, although it was only a suspicion until I saw this thread.


@jimeezlady: i also upvoted at least 2 of those deals

but i think the pillow deal was a dupe anyway so it could've gotten downvotes for that reason?? and any football fans that are rooting against the Giants will auto downvote a Giants post, deal or not


@w00tgurl: The pillow deal was legit,I ordered,and received, 2 f them,it was a great deal.Guess I took it too personal on the is what it is I suppose.Have a great day! : )


@jimeezlady: Thank You,and point taken,hey at least everyone had a good laugh right?


@shrdlu: No if the downvote is warranted,also not everyone would like the deal so that was fine,it was just that I felt it was unjustified,you're right JUST a website.Thank You.


@hiiamstevie: You are correct,everyone joined on the bandwagon...oh well.Guess it's a lesson that the count can't be depended on,if it's an item you may be interested in,diregard the points and check it out.


@xptrish: dupe = duplicate. i was saying i thought the pillow deal you posted was a duplicate deal (posted already by someone else). some duplicate deals get downvoted heavily before being removed by staff. but i went back and it wasn't a dupe (duplicate) after all.

enjoy your new pillows!


@hiiamstevie: I know that I couldn't resist. Sorry, it's not me it's my evil twin.