questionswhat kind of valentines day jewelry would you…


18" is a great chain length for most women and it's hard to go wrong with gold, either white or yellow, due to it's durability. 10k is fine, most people can't tell the difference between 10k and 14k unless they are invading your personal space. Pay particular attention to the clasp on the necklace. A is preferable to a . Solitaires are lovely. Find out what she prefers. I personally like the pear shape, it's very feminine. Try and go at least to 1.5 carats if possible, that rides the line between conservative and a statement piece. .


Find out what kind of gemstone she prefers and try and get the best representation of that stone. For example, in my opinion, you get the best amethyst from , in garnets, it’s , peridot, sapphire from (Ceylon sapphire) etc. Best of luck!


I like to buy my wife jewelry that makes noise so that I know when she is approaching.


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