questionsdoes anyone want to participate in research about…


Will you post your findings??


If you do post findings, or publish them elsewhere, what identifying information will be used about us?


How does a study of self-selected applicants carry any validity? Has this been approved by your appropriate professor(s)? Will you be following standard accepted guidelines regarding informed consent, confidentiality, and other such issues?


What compensation is being offered for our time? Daddy gots to get paid.


I'd highly recommend that no one participate in this research until we have more answers. It's generally bad form to require participants in online research to request a link, and and it's very unusual to post in a privately-owned forum without a statement of approval from the owner, so my antenna are on alert here.

to the OP: I've done research on online communities, so both me and my students have been in your shoes before! Some folks have raised valid concerns about the purpose of your study, what data you're collecting, and whether/how confidentiality and anonymity will be protected.

If you could post your informed consent, that would answer a number of those questions.

(If the OP is unable or unwilling to post his/her informed consent statement publicly, that's an enormous red flag.)

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Sorry for the delay in responding! Hopefully this will answer some of your questions:

@publicart: If I get any interesting findings, I'd be happy to share them. Anyone who participates can get a copy of my final report, though, even if it's boring & inconclusive.

@xarous: No identifying information will be collected or associated with the interview transcripts and any other data. I won't even directly quote anything that could be googled & traced back to anyone. I'll only record contact info if someone wants to be contacted later (e.g., with a copy of the final report).

@magic cave: 1.) Qualitative research doesn't typically require the same kind of random sampling as quantitative research, but I only need a limited number of participants, so I will randomly sample from respondents if I have more volunteers than I need. 2. & 3.) Yes, it has been approved by my professor & by my university's IRB—I've also taken 2 IRB courses & have experience conducting IRB-approved research.



@stile99: Sorry, I'm not offering any compensation—besides the joy of talking about Woot, I guess.

@neuropsychosocial: 1.) Your concern is valid, though I would prefer not to set up a public site with the informed consent form since it has my personal contact information listed. I don't mind at all letting participants (or potential participants) have access to this info, but I hope you can understand why I wouldn't want it to be public. I think it's reasonable to limit that info to those who are serious about participating. 2.) I recruited research participants on Woot forums back in 2009, with the approval of Woot powers-that-be, but that was in the Woot Community & before the time of deals.woot. The mods are welcome to delete this thread if this is a violation, since I never got permission for this particular site.

In any case, anyone interested in participating can contact me & get a copy of the informed consent form so they can decide whether or not to participate.