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Well you can go through this list here: with out knowing which retailer you bought it from, none of us can help you more than that. Didn't you get a confirmation email from them? Did you check your email inbox and spam mail?


@hobbit: Thanks. I'm a newish wooter and not too familiar with the site. I saw something in there on the third page that looked familiar - not a search posting, but someone's reply to it - iphonestore rings a bell.

No, I can't find any reply anywhere. I'm searching my screenshots because I remember the order definitely went through.


I have the same problem. Bought the wall charge adapter / car adapter / and the USB to iPhone cable for $9.99. I didn't see the posting when looking through the archives. The charge on my card is to "02/20 IPHONESTORE 845-445-0224 NY" Haven't heard anything since. I think this is a phone number. I might call it if nothing in the mail today. Hope this helps.

@ Woot - it seems this might be a problem. You should look into this as well.