questionswhat frequent shopper programs / reward point…


I love the reward points I get from my American Express. I use it whenever I can and the points add up quickly. I also like that you can link the reward points to my Amazon account (this is fairly new). When I checkout I am given the opportunity to checkout using my reward points. I am also shown a dollar value that the points are worth at amazon.


Best Buy, Kroger, and my local movie theater are the ones I use mainly.
I get points from Bing and Gamestop. Just got a 3 month Hulu subscription from Bing.


Regal Rewards - I'm a movie freak


Because I travel a lot, I use airline mileage reward card and starwood amex (where points allow one to convert to miles, use points, etc.)


Subway Rewards is pretty good

10 Points = 1 Cookie
15 Points = 1 Bag of Chips
20 Points = 21 oz. Drink
35 Points = Mini Sub
50 Points = Regular 6” Sub or Wrap
75 Points = Regular Foot-Long Sub or Salad

1 Point = 1 Dollar and sometimes they have Triple or Double points days (at least at my local Subway)


AmEx, and my credit union's reward point program is pretty good as well.


Wait, since when does Subway do points? And why did I not get any? I know they used to have the stamp card, but got rid of those awhile ago.


@mustardsquarepants: You can ask for a Subway Cash Card, and it basically doubles as a Gift Card and Rewards Card. Your local stores may not do rewards though..

I don't have a balance on my Cash Card, so I just hand them the Cash Card first and have them slide it then pay with cash/credit. It will say how many points you have on the receipt

More info:


@promyst: Where do you live? They ended our Subway point program in WA a couple of years ago but, when it was available we earned lots of free subs.


I kinda like the rewards I get from hanging around and playing on Deals. Unexpected loot and coupons are pretty cool rewards for just being me is pretty cool! :)


@promyst: Sweet! Thanks for the info, I'll check it out!


I use coke rewards a lot. I usually ahve at least 1800 points banked for any good deals that come up, and I buy at least one 30point coupon for a free 20oz coke per week. I use the coupon at cvs, where 9 20oz cokes earns you a cvs coupon for another free 20oz. I also use cvs's green bag tag so every 4th coke earns me a $1 extrabuck reward.

best rewards program was the 1.5% I used to get back on my old amex blue card. I would order $5,000 of the dollar coins with free shipping from the US mint, then take them to the bank, deposit, and pay the bill at the end of the month. I did that several times about 2 years ago, and ended up earning. $75 free money for about 1/2 hour of my time. Although you do get strange looks carrying 100 lbs of coins into the bank....