questionswhat do you think really happened to the woot…


Couldn't you have asked this in your question from 12 minutes ago?


Servers are in Oregon... thank you cloud!


Mortimer shoved a banana in one of them.


@jsimsace: Didn't think of it then and it's a completely different question.


They ran out of magic pixie dust.


overloaded with pr0n by the woot! employees.



Of course, I have no idea where this reply to you will fall, but hopefully you'll still see it.

[Edit] My eyes are crossing from trying to figure out the chronological order of comments. I'm outta here for a while.


Some new guy tripped over the cords.


Colonel Crap was fired then snuck back in and unplugged everything, hid the cables, and threw water on the circuits
at least that's what the Enquirer claims they have proof of


Its all those darn monkeys...they are playing with the network wires again!


Mortimer started the Roomba without watching the cord.

(See this xkcd comic: )


@baqui63: I'm glad you mentioned the Trojan Horse question... thank god for security software!


Too many people posted picture of cats in the forums and it jacked up the server. Thats a fact and not the truth!



I hope it isn't infected servers at woot (such things can be a real bitch to deal with).

It also could be a DNS server that was "confused" about where to send people...

(And I can think of at least three other things...)

THough I think I'm going to call it a night unless they are back up with a real woot-off within the next couple of minutes (while I get ready for bed). I have to be up at 6:30 (it is almost 1:47 now) and have along day of work tomorrow (our new Exchange servers go live in testing, so I'll have to deal with all of the pilot lusers...)


I bet over in the woot server center, they are drawing straws to determine who has to answer the phone.


Maybe some of those bugs they sent out in the Christmas BOC's finally worked there way into the Woot servers?


@baqui63: DNS is great, or else Deals would be toast. They just did maintenance on the servers, and it didn't go as planned. Murphy strikes again. It's most definitely NOT any Trojan/Virus/Evildoer. Those things all have very specific ear marks, and they aren't there. In addition, altough this is a whole bunch of dot net stuffs, it's running on top of Amazon's cloud, which is Linux.

The Avast thing is just a coincidence.

I'm still VERY sorry for the folks trying to get things stabilized. Never a good time. Never ever.

[For the sake of my sanity, this is the 20th comment in the list. Crap. Should have typed faster. It's the 22nd comment.]


@baqui63: Oh my. Did you just say "Exchange"??? Good luck.


PEBCAC ID-10T Error (j/k!)...

I can come fix your servers if you like, but it will cost you a plane ticket, nice hotel for 1 night, a tour of the Woot facility, a good BoC & a collection of Woot Monkeys.

My skills consist of rebuiding servers from the ground up (Windows Server 2000, 2003 & 2008), configuring firewalls/routers (CCNA & Juniper Cert), and php/MySQL database troubleshooting. Look me up on woot!


flying monkeys xcame to life and revolted against the woof staff after witnessing one of their own get dissected in the latest video podcast

a bag of crap was put into a bag of crap. creating a rift in space-time

3 somebody brought in a bunch of baby animals and everyone is.too busy going "awwwwwwww" to do any work

spontaneous widespread long lasting narcolepsy outbreak

the servers were tired of being slow so they pulled their own plugs



Yes, Exchange... though we are currently running Notes with an insufficient number of administrators and NO developers. At least Microsoft provides good support (when one pays enough, which we do).

Thanks, nonetheless (at present, I am too tired to detect whether or not your "thanks" was sarcastic or not. :) I'll be more awake after I take my daughter to school. I really should have gone to bed when I could have at 1:47... instead of staying up until almost 4AM.)


@baqui63: I seldom am so clever as to be sarcastic. Usually I'm very pointed when I'm honestly angry. I've been edited for cause plenty by staff, so you'll have to take this mostly on faith. Mostly they've been correct in doing so; sometimes I am the one tattling to request my comments be toned down or deleted.

I don't see the message you're referring to, here, though. My sympathy with your exchange install was sincere. I have many names for Exchange, and not one of them would be appropriate to use here.

In other news, I'm glad to see things are settling back to normal, including ordering of comments. Hopefully things will finish righting themselves later today.


@shadowblue42: My thought exactly. After the video podcast where one of their own was senslessly and brutally slaughtered, Mortimer and Monte have started their own uprising. A real life Rise of Planet of The Apes. Which one is Caesar?


We found @girlwootbot clinging to one and yelling OH MY DARLING DON'T EVER LEAVE ME and in the process of dragging her out, pulled a few crucial wires by accident.


I heard from a reliable source someone purchased a bad batch of vacuum tubes.



I should have had coffee (or more sleep) before posting this AM.

(In my last post above this, the quoted "thanks" should have been "good luck." As in "Well, good luck with that" compared with "Good luck!" meaning "I hope it goes well for you.")

Regardless, I meant no offense and I took none from your comment. I doubt you actually took any offense at what I wrote, but on the off chnace that you did, or that someone else reading this thinks I might have intended some, I figure it is better to state what may be obvious.

(And I also think I've now had too much coffee...)


@baqui63: Now it makes sense. Thanks for explaining. No, the good luck was completely sincere. MS Exchange is not known for providing joy and happiness in upgrades or installs, and I meant nothing but sympathy for you. It ranks right up there with Oracle (spit) on my list of "Please don't make me have to do this, and I'll promise to behave myself for a week," promises. A week is usually as long as I could ever stay out of trouble, so no sense promising something I couldn't deliver.

I've had too much coffee perhaps three or four times in my life (more than three pots in two hours turns out to be too much, even for me).

To be specific, in the case above, "Good Luck" meant "I hope it goes well, but my experience points to otherwise."



Thank you. I understand what you mean about Oracle. I try to avoid it at all costs (our DBA does the same, which in all fairness, I can understand as he was hired to do primarily MS SQL).

Lotus Notes is a RPITA to configure, mostly because there are (literally) at least five or six different places where a given setting or feature can be configured, some of which quietly override the others, and some of which can only be used for certain settings or features (or parts of features). I mention this because I happen to like puzzles, have a fairly good memory (better than I trust it to be) and have played with Notes and Domino for long enough that I am acceptably comfortable with it.

Eventually, I'll get to that point with Exchange, but learning to speak French was not much more difficult than learning their arcane and idiosyncratic terminology for the simplest things. (Not to claim that sendmail is all that simple, but at least it is fairly well documented and makes sense.)


@slydon: That is not funny!

I just wanted to surprise @wootbot with a nice lunch but you RUINED it!


@baqui63: I love sendmail. I still edit the file by hand (yes, it's true, I have nerves of steel).


I like being on the user end of Lotus Notes (it's a very well written package), but the nightmare that is its configuration has been known to make the mighty weak, and the brave into cowards. It gives new meaning to the word kludge. Then again, I just bought an older computer because it was XP with Office 2000, which has a simpler Outlook. I'm one happy camper.

No Exchange server at my house (although I did have one for sport, briefly, circa 2002).

Go to bed early. Get some rest.