questionsany inexpensive software/services for sd card…


Sometime they give away that type of software with memory card purchases. The other alternative is to search for other free programs. By the sound of it You may not be able to recover much from the card.


This may be for photos only, but this software was a godsend when I lost about 300 photos on an SD card. They have a free demo download so it might be worth a try:

Good luck!


I used a good one a few weeks ago when my wife accidentally deleted some concert videos off of her camera. It advertised that it was able to recover from corrupt media as well. I unfortunately cannot remember the name of it and I'm at work now. I'll try to remember to reply when I get home this afternoon!

Good luck otherwise!


I bought Card Recovery a couple years ago for I think $29.99, the price is $39.99 now - seems to work fine. It does recover deleted pictures and the corrupted pictures.


I have had success recovering deleted photos from an SD with this tool:

However, if you are getting I/O errors when accessing the card, you might not be able to recover anything.


Photorec is the one used by computer repair techs. It's a little hard to use. It's much more useful for accidentally formatted cards or deleted photos. If you're getting I/O errors, you might find it near impossible.

If you're really tech savvy, I would clone the drive with ddrescue and then run PhotoRec on that. But that's really complex.


@omnichad: And success. + 1 UP !!! for you and for a successful free tool.


I just find this artile, and I'd like to share my experience.

If the card is in the process of formatting, and you realize it, don't yank the card out as this may cause total data corruption on the card and make recovery less likely. Let it actually finish the format finish as once it's begun, it usually only tells the card's file system that space occupied by the previous data is now free to be overwritten, rather than actually erasing the files.

Second, Now that you have your SD card write protected, you'll need an SD card reader. This can be the camera itself connected to the computer via a USB cable, an external USB media card reader, or one integrated into your computer.

Third: Try Vibosoft Card Data Recovery program, it can restore all of files from damaged of formatted cards:


As for me, I used Coolmutser Data Recovery to recover phone sd card data .It is capable of recovering files,muisc ,documents ,photos and video sd card. Due to the ease-to-use interface,so recover data for delete or format the SD card.


Actually, you can doing it by yourself. There are free data recovery apps out there when you searched on Google


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