questionsi think my notification setting is screwed up…


Well, it's been seven minutes and no notification to my gmail about your post...

Maybe I don't exist any longer.


@baqui63: You can still exit. QUICK. The airplane is over there. There! Run. RUN! The Langoliers are COMING!!!


@baqui63: Adjust your tinfoil hat a little more to the left.


You're still here, and I've seen you in other places. Not that I'm stalking you. We just happen to be in the same places over and over again. Really.

Any feedback from the staff here at woot about the reasons for the weirdness of the past day? I sent a few emails to, but since it's the weekend don't expect any response until tomorrow earliest.

@gregorylikescheapstu: Not King's best work, but very apropos.


Well, I'm not getting any email on my gmail account from any woot site (I'm only expecting it from deals.woot, except for more shipping notices).

A question I posted very early this morning asking if anyone else was seeing stuff disappear as or shortly after they posted it appears to have completely disappeared (it came and went several times for about 20-30 minutes after I posted it).

Though the comments I made in the question about words that sound dirty but aren't appear to now be there...

Things are definitely flaky.


Just checked my account settings and the message box was unchecked. After a couple of attempts to check the box it appeared to have taken hold. Back to DW, then back to my account settings and the box was UNCHECKED again! WTF?


@baqui63: Sometimes notify if mention is very slow. On the other hand, I note that I've seen various and sundry problems for the past couple of weeks or so. The leaderboard top voters thing just doesn't seem to stay fixed, for one thing (after several days of being busted, it's back to working).

You made me curious,a nd I just checked. My settings had been changed to the default (which is no) for Deals, and for Local. I changed them, went away from the account page, brought it back up, and Whammo! Busted.

Good evening, @shawnmiller, @josefresno, @mattschuette; there seems to be a disturbance in the force, over here on Deals dot Woot.


@shrdlu: yeah the "mentions?" settings are acting weird for me. i went to my account and saw deals.woot set to yes and local set to no, as expected. i set local to yes and clicked update, and looked again but both showed no.

i also noticed that if i click anywhere to the right of the yes/no slider, the value changes too. not just clicking ON the slider

TEST @baqui63


I've been having the same problem today.


@w00tgurl: I did not receive a notification for this comment, even though my settings are set to yes. You will probably not receive a notification for my reply, either.

Anyone have a twitter account, and feel like pointing out this question to smiller ???


@w00tgurl: "i went to my account and saw deals.woot set to yes and local set to no, as expected. i set local to yes and clicked update, and looked again but both showed no."

Are you sure we aren't sharing a brain? That is exactly what I did.

BTW- I haven't gotten ANY email from deals.woot since 6:21 PM (eastern) on Sunday. I did get my daily digest though, so it isn't completely borked, at least not for me.


Notifications were indeed backed up in a traffic jam. I pulled out the stopper, but I think I may have unleashed a torrent of email. My apologies if you just got all your notifications for the past 2 days all at once.


@josefresno: Not sure whether you'll see this, but the setting thing is still a problem. I've received about 10% of the notification emails I would have expected to see (not necessarily a bad thing), but I notice that each and every time I click on the account thing, here on Deals, it's defaulted to "No" for Deals and for Local. It sometimes takes up to four [change to yes and click on Update] tries for it to stick.

That is to say, I change both selections to Yes (from No), click on Update, and see it revert back to No. It makes me sad. :-(


@baqui63: i just got your "mention by username" email this afternoon, around 4pm eastern lol. yeah the notification slider is buggy. and... it changes from yes to no if i even click to the right of the selection slider. not just if i click right on it

let's see if @josefresno can work some magic! i think it was the touchpad thread. same thing happened last time HP had a firesale. woot doesn't like touchpads, i see

@shrdlu: test!



Thanks, kind sir.

I (personally) don't mind the torrent of email (I think GMail can handle it) and it is good (IMHO) to have gotten all of the notifications.

Also, it apparently takes exactly four clicks of the update button to set BOTH my deals.woot and local.woot mentions checkboxes to checked if either is unchecked.