questionsshould woot! imitate 1saleaday's new homepage…


no, they should go back to their old design. or at least something of that sort


A redesign doesn't help much if they continue to omit vital information about the deals they're offering. Selling a Garmin Nuvi for $69.95 isn't much of a deal at all if you con't tell people -- till way down in the bottom half of the next screen -- which model it is.

As a general rule, I like 1Sale A Day, and I've bought several items from them without any service or delivery problems. Their new website is nice, but it's not a big deal to me at all.

On the other hand, I really don't want any more tinkering around with this site. None. Nada. Zip.


I like the new design, but I kind of miss the joke, stat, and useless trivia of the day that used to be at the bottom.


@bill7718: I see those links are still on the individual Main, Wireless, Watch, etc. pages; at least for now unless they change those also.


I'm with @magic cave on this one also. Woot has already proved that "change for the sake of change" isn't well received. Give it a rest.


@dealseekerdude: HAHA Made me look.

Did You Know?

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Their new site design is ok, but I do miss the one old one. The boxes are definitely cleaner and easier to look at, but personally I need to see the model number on page one (still wish it were the case here).


I like 1SaleADay's new website design.. it saves me the trouble of clicking every tab to see the prices of the items. It almost looks like the Groupon Goods section from

What I don't like however, is the new BensOutlet (1SaleADay's sister site) website design. Its as bad as the new app store search on iOS 6 in my opinion.

As for Woot, no more changes for now please. If there was one thing to change.. it'll have to be the addition of a mobile friendly website for the site and most importantly the forums.


I'd give you multiple upvotes for that if I could. Accessing deals.woot on a blackberry is terrible.


Speaking of slow shipping. Yeah, it's really slow compared to how fast I get things on eBay (from the 48 states, that is).

Fastest shipment I got from them was about seven days (from FL to CA?). I would guess it would depend how much orders was put through (before your purchase) from other deals because I think they don't have that much people working the warehouse.

I've also read (and watched) about people getting their packages smashed. I've bought about 10+ things from them over the past six months and they came out pretty well.. probably just a little bit of warehouse mildew(?) on the plastics.


No, and in fact I like the new Woot design, it just needs more vitals on the first page. Don't like having to click to the next screen just to see what color options are being offered.