questionsanyone think we are due for some random shirts?


I buy 3 every time they come up. Always happy with at least one. Last batch I was happy with all 3!


Hah we were just talking about that in wootchat a couple days ago. I am dying for these new random shirts to come up :P I made a macro just for the occasion and I'm dying to use it.


No. It hasn't been long enough since the last one.


Yes. I was expecting them this past Monday, but now I'd imagine they'll be coming up this next Monday. Have they ever sold randoms on a day other than Monday?


I'm guessing they're trying to run through all the leftover AA blanks before they do another one, as it might be problematic sizewise to include any of those accidentally.


I've been waiting for the random kid shirts on kids.woot to show up again.