questionsanyone else suspicious of these white triangle…


I downvote them, after a bit (although not always). Some of them I recognize as people who posted spam deals that were deleted (back when I paid attention to that side), and I downvote them immediately.

Yeah, it gets old.

So it goes.


I two have recognized this and how wondering going on is what?


@shrdlu: Yes, it does get old. Didn't use to bother me, but there seems to be more as of late.

Woot and the community seems to be doing a really good job of policing though, and I appreciate it!

It's just Monday and I'm crabby.


@tarasadies: That is true friend so much. I thank you four your response most excellent.


I had thought it was a woot intern using a disposable account to drum up opinions.


What I find more interesting is the discrepancy between posts, some posts make the users appear to be fluent, then the next sounds so horrible.

Perhaps they are victims of horrible translators? Not sure, but I will agree with the OP, there seems to be an influx lately.


Yeah, I tell my kids to stay away from those white trianglers cause those kind of people are nothing but troubles.
Woot needs to have a separate section for them. We colored triangles need to get together and join the National Association for the Advancement of Colored Triangles or NAACT.
We work long and hard to get out colors.


@woottj: :-)

On the silly things us Wooters get worked up about.

(Sign I must get off Woot: I read @tarasadies comment "correctly" the first go round and only later came to realize it was Engrish.)


Wow, great question. I appreciate you taking the time to ask this. I never considered this before!


I thought that a poor grasp of the English language was a prerequisite on the internet. Go figure.


Maybe it's the revolt of the screaming monkeys?


I've got a funny feeling about this...


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