questionswho actually buys the holiday themed pet clothes?


Every time I think of pet clothes it leads me to this little woot video blog:


Idiots who need gifts for other idiots

(this is a Futurama joke, not hate talk)


I value my life and friendships to avoid at all costs.


My mother. It's so embarrassing.


I have to out my family. Someone brought home doggy antlers a few years ago. Of course, the border collies weren't too happy about it.



I would buy holiday themed practical stuff like sweaters if they made them in my dog's size. I have often admired the snowflake and tartan fleece jackets that they make for little dogs and wished he could have something nice like that instead of the old sweatshirt I put on him when the weather turns cold. He has an array of holiday themed collars, all of which I have to have custom made as nice things do not come in XXXL. If my dog is going to wear collars and coats, why not have him wear something that looks nice and is in keeping with the holiday spirit?


@moondrake: LOL! Thanks! Don't quite know how we caught her winking, but it does look rather like a grimace of dislike, doesn't it?


I hadn't considered doing it before now. One of my dogs is built for snow, the other for summer and water. Well... one needs something to help keep him warm on extremely cold days - so I may be buying him a sweater, if I can find a XXL that's not ridiculously overpriced. If I also happen to find one that makes me giggle when he wears it? Right on.

@belyndag: that picture has me cracking up.


No idea...what a ridiculous concept. /whistles innocently


Yes he is mine, no I don't dress him up on a regular basis... I was decorating the house and he happened to be laying nearby so I plopped the tiny hat on his head and snapped a pic.


Grandma's, Spinsters,,, and those of us with a wicked, cruel sense of humor ;-)


I've bought t-shirts for my grand-dog, and my son and his wife buy the little beastie outfits now and then. It's silly and we love it.


Nothing I can say compares with your posted photo. :)


Perhaps people who want their pets to have issues just like them?

Luckily today I was able to talk my dil out of buying antlers for their dog.