questionswhat's a good wireless surveillance camera?


The trouble with wireless cameras is that you still need to plug them into a power source. I don't know much about wireless outdoor cameras, but I have an indoor Foscam wireless IP camera. I use EyeSpy on a PC to handle the motion detection and recording. Finally, I have IP Cam Viewer app on my phone that lets me watch the feed. (I can also use Splashtop app to watch recorded footage on the PC) You might check out Foscam's offerings on outdoor cameras. You should be able to find one for under $100.
I also have a cheap security camera outside the house that is hooked up to the PC's video input. I record that on motion detection with the EyeSpy program too. The problem is that it is very low resolution so it's hard to identify the offending neighbors. I can't view it directly on my phone since it's not an IP camera, but I can remote into the PC with Splashtop to see the feed.
Good luck! Neighbors with dogs are the worst!


@bsmith1: we actually have 3 dogs but they're fenced. Our yard is so big we didn't need to go to the street with the fence, plus it would b ugly. So the offending neighbor thinks the part from the fence to the sidewalk is public , she actually said this. We have three high windows that face this particular piece of land that I could put the camera so it's inside recoding not outside and can be plugged in. So I think your solution will work , thank you!!


@gadgetgirl88: One thing to mention about recording through windows. A lot of security cameras use Infrared lights for the "night vision" mode. If you're pointing the camera through a window, the IR lights will turn on in low light situations and reflect off the window causing a bad glare and you won't be able to see anything on the camera. It doesn't sound like you'll be recording at night, so it might be a simple as turning off the night vision mode in the settings.
That ISpy program I mentioned will work with a lot of different types of cameras. You could just put a webcam facing out the window and have the ISpy program use it to record on motion detection. It can also be set to sound an alarm of the PC's speakers when there is motion. If you have a portable computer and a webcam, you might try that first to see if it's good enough. I'm trying to find you a seems they've updated the software and call it ispyconnect now...


Ok. I think the new ispyconnect is a way to create an account that lets you log into their website and see your cameras from anywhere. From the reviews, I think the new android app works the same way. I wouldn't bother with any of that jazz... Just download the iSpy program from here: and don't use the ispyconnect part of it. There are other ways to see your feeds remotely. (IP Cam Viewer and/or Splashtop)


@bsmith1: thanks for the help, was just checking out the foscams on amazon. I know I have web cam somewhere here I haven't used in forever since they come in all my other computers. I will check out that software and dig for my webcam. I really want to put up the scarecrow but I know this neighbor is crazy and will try to "kill it" once it gets her. Therefore, definitely want that on video as well as her getting it !! The guy next door said if it works he is getting one too because her dogs pooped on his driveway and she did nothing. So you can see what a B she is.


I feel like it does need to be said that if you live on a public street there is a certain amount of right-of-way between the street and your property that is owned by the local governement. Make sure your sprinkler isn't inside that area or you'll be the one in trouble.

That being said, I'm sure you know where your property lines lie and that in mind I'd say go nail the B :-)
A complete lack of respect for others personal property runs rampant lately and if you can teach her and her kids a lesson then more power to you.


@nmchapma: yes from the sidewalk to the street is the easement that is public, from the sidewalk inward is ours. She has actually taken out the largest plastic ball i have ever seen and handed it to her kids and their friends and walked them over to our yard to play with it. I cannot wait to get her!


I prefer a more direct and personal approach with these situations. Wait and stalk with a water hose and a cell cam. Nothing beats shaming in person.


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