questionshow do i calibrate my 13" macbook battery?


Sleeping for 5 hours gets the battery lower than you could just waiting for it to go to sleep. A small amount of battery is used to power the RAM and so the battery will continue to drain.

Never read anything about calibrating the battery, so I can't give you much more advice. Though I will say that after many years, you probably need a new battery. Depending on how much you use it, 2 years might be too long to stay on the same battery. The total charge goes down from year to year.

If you go into System Profiler (under About This Mac), it will tell you the current charge vs. the design capacity for the battery. After a few years, it may only charge to 50% of what it could hold new. Calibration will only adjust it to a small extent.


@omnichad: Actually this is my 2nd battery so it's only a few years old. Apple suggests you calibrate the battery every few months or so, or more frequently to get the best use out of it.

I have an application called Coconut Battery that I use and it's only 4% off capacity so calibrating should help that. I just don't know which protocol to use.