questionscan we do anything about sponsored deals posted…


Are they really sponsored deals? I thought is was just an RSS deal feed that wootbot posts. Wootbot posts from buy, thinkgeek, and walmart.

Mr.Miller's explanation of the wootbot of war


@squirtle456: sponsored is probably the wrong word. I just couldn't think of a better alternative


ok. this is me trying to be helpful: since i get an email from these places just about every day listing specials, why not make those the things that wootbot posts? and PLEASE add an expire function to wootbot.

ok. lets summon someone that might be able to pretend to suggest this to the programmers: @jumbowoot @gatzby


I say let them remain as they are. If it wasn't for the WWW (Wootbot Working Weekends) this place would shrivel up even more on Saturday and Sunday.


I say let @girlwootbot have a say on this! it is, after all, her beloved's rep! In all seriousness, I find it slightly annoying to have to open all of the individual deals from a compressed entry.