questionsis this the worst main woot page deal ever?


First point I have to make is that the percentage off usually goes down as the price of the product goes up. You hardly ever see a 50% off deal on refrigerators at Sears or Home Depot but it's common to see 50% or more off on a USB cable.

Second, look at the total price when shopping. The one on Woot is $829.99 plus $5 s/h.

B&H has the same camera for $874 making the woot deal better:

Amazon has it for $874:

Find a reputable site that has it for less and post those links with your complaint to the woot community so we can then determine if this is really a bad deal. Right now, the deal looks pretty good to me.


What @cengland0 said.

Another point to consider is that even if Woot wanted to have a lower price (not saying they dont!) they might not be able to. There are some items that have virtually no room for profit these days, what with competitive pricing. Not 100% sure if DSLRs fall into that category, but it's quite possible.


I totally agree with @thedogma on how some items have virtually no room for profit.

-points finger at Apple-

No, seriously! Retailers only gets a 3% discount on the iPads. Laughable? Yes. But makes business? Yes.

But when the new ones come out, I think there is this thing called "price protection" (search "price reductions" and read below) which pretty much gives a refund of the lost capital.

Something like that...