questionsare wifi-enabled blu-ray players worth it?


Scam, no. Not everyone wants separate devices, so a BR player that can stream is a nice feature. Likewise, not everyone has convenient cabling options, or wants to bother with external devices, so paying extra for wi-fi built-in is a nice feature too.

If you need such features, pay for them in the higher models. If not, then no worries.


Short answer, yes. And if you can, pick up a refurb ps3; it's worth the extra dinero.


@okham: A PS3 is not necessarily the answer for streaming video or music, although your point is well taken. The PS3 and Xbox are both limited in what they offer for streaming. A Roku or even many Blu-Ray players offer more streaming options for both audio and video. If you only want to stream Netflix or a few other major services, PS3 is fine and a preferred choice in my opinion.


Mine has Wifi, does Netflix, Hulu and Pandora and I'm very happy with it. I'm not sure why I'd get any media device without wifi these day.


@kmeltzer: your what has wifi? i am trying to get a wifi blu ray player that can get hulu,vudu,etc


@scubarob56: The question was about Blue Ray players, and so was my answer.


@wnyx585am: I've been pretty happy with the media capabilities of the ps3. But I guess in the areas it's lacking (Hulu,amazon, iTunes,ect.), I just connect my laptop to the tv, so maybe I don't notice the shortcomings. Never mind the added bonus of blowing stuff up or beating in a zombie's head. :D


I have a Wii for gaming and don't watch Blu-ray videos very often. The wife uses Wii Fit and I almost never use the Wii.

Consequently, for me a cheap Blu-ray player makes a lot more sense than a PS3.
I have a Magnavox BR with WiFi which replaced an older Panasonic BR player that didn't. Since the TV isn't near any of my network wiring, I connected it to my net using a pair of wireless routers set up as a wireless bridge. Upgrading to the Mag allowed me to get rid of that extra hardware. So, for me it's very much worth it.

If you watch a lot of video, use Netflix (I don't), etc. get the PS3. That's when the extra cost is quite justified. For me, not so much.