questionsis comic con worth going to?


I had a blast this past year. It is run really well and definitely worth going. Now the hard part will be getting tickets. I got to buy my tickets early because I went this year and still could not get a 4 day pass.


It's a necessary to go at least once in your life, better so if it is done with your close friends who share your interests.

Soak it in, take a lot of pictures and try to meet some new people over there.

I suggest going for multiple days (obviously only if you can afford it) and plan out which venues/special events you want to attend for those days. Arrive for everything very early as it is just crazy packed now.

If you don't feel like dressing up, wear woot t-shirts and see if you can spot fellow wooters!


I personally wouldn't go due to lack of interest, but I know there are thousands of people who like it.


When do tickets go on sale? I was hoping to buy the 4 day pass. I just love all the sci fi stuff and it looks like it would be a fun event.


Went to the Philly con this summer, it was fun, but I'm sure it was not like San Diego


@icemanforlife: You're talking about the San Diego comic-con right?

Well, first you need to register a "Member ID" for each person who is getting a ticket and the registration date for the badges this year was March 3rd (you'd want to have your member IDs ready months before this date) at 8AM.

Definitely worth going if you're that type of geek/nerd/fan of the sci-fi genre, big or small. Or you could also check out the ladies in costume if you're that not interested in sci-fi. And the tickets sold out FAST this year too. I remember being like two minutes late and I was already on the waiting list (1/1000-ish).

They also offer 2nd-time sales (resale) a couple weeks after their first round for those who were unable to snatch those tickets.


Went to the one in Seattle. Not a huge comic book fan, but spent a lot of time looking at lovely art (and brought some home), and enjoyed the guest stars. I'd say if you have the money, go, take pics, share! :)


It's almost inmpossible to get tickets for San Diego Comic Con any more, which is too bad, because we went pretty much every years for a while there. But a couple of years ago we skipped to go to Worldcon in Melbourne, and that year they decided to start giving preferential ticketing to the past year's attendees, and we got shut out this year. We went to Dragoncon instead. CCI is an awesome experience, but it's pretty overwhelming. You really need at least a two day pass to say you have been, one day to spend in Hall H (you'd need to look at a schedule for your personal interests, but Saturday is usually the big day). Be in line before 7am for a serious shot at getting in when they open at 10am. Bring a cooler with snacks and drinks. There a food vendor for that hall but it's grossly overpriced ($3 for a can of soda as I recall). If you have any physical limitations, bring a chair-in-a-bag for the line. Plan to spend the whole day there as if you leave you can't return. tbc


The other day is to spend in the dealer's room, which can take a full day just to walk. There's a conveniently placed food shop in the middle which you hit just in time for lunch. If you find something you like, buy it, as you may never find your way back. Make an hour to walk through the art show as well. My art gets to go to CCI even in years when I do not.

We often call CCI "line-con", because we spend about half our weekend standing in line, often fruitlessly. Standing in a line for three hours to get into a panel and then not making it in is incredibly frustrating. But the panels you do make it into are amazing. You can go up to the mike and ask the actor or director you'd admired all your life that question you've always wanted to ask. I've seen so many actors, directors, producers and other Hollywood types that I can't begin to list them. I 've seen footage of blockbuster movies a year before they've come out. If you are a movie or TV fan, it's unbeatable.