questionswhat was your best halloween costume?


A Valkyrie, complete with sword, shield, winged helmet, breast plates, cape, etc. Only thing missing were the wolves and ravens.
Best costume I made for a child was sending her as a paper bag full of groceries. To this day she complains about that costume.


A streaker. With a mask. Does it have to be on Halloween?


Two headed ghost. I took one of those styrofoam heads and drew a face on it. Standard white sheet and sewed two hoods in it securing the head in one of them. White face paint and black accents on my face to match the head on my shoulder. I should look and see if I can find the pictures.


Hardest/worst for me was a poor attempt at a mummy. I liked the idea but the reality was not good. I took a sheet and tore it in strips then tried it wrap it around and tack it to my clothes. It was awful how I did it. I imagine it would work if you have more talent than me (that would be any talent).


I did The Masque of the Red Death for work one year. Beautiful red brocade Italian coat, handmade Venetian style mask with handle, and horrific makeup underneath. I had a great time making awful sores on my face and hands using latex. I painted it on, let it dry and used a toothpick to peel it up from the middle like an open sore. Then I used a q-tip to fill the "sores" with a mixture of red and black grease paint, and rubbed green and white on the outer edges. The q-tip got up under the loose edges of the latex, so that it really looked like hanging flesh, red on the inside and greenish white on the outside. It was so horrible that people couldn't look at me when they talked to me, and a couple of people screamed when they first saw it. It was great! I won $150 in the office contest.