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Make mayonnaise with nothing but eggs, oil, and lemon juice. If you can do that, you can do just about anything.


Good luck making pie next-the key ingredient is a buttery, flaky crust. Yummy!


Get thee a decent sized food processor and use this recipe for the BEST and painfully easiest pie crust you can make:
Yes, it's an all butter crust, but hell, it's PIE! It can be used for sweet dessert pies or pot pies. Pot pies on a cold & dreary winter day are the best. I promise you fantastic results if you follow the recipe.


3d printing. I soooo want a makerbot :)

And money. My own printing press would be nice.


I started making beef jerky a few months ago. It's super easy and I LOVE trying out new flavors. I always wanted to try pickles. Is the process easy. I know I can google it but I like first hand info much more.
Buffalo Beef jerky = amazing btw


I love Korean food but I can't afford to go to our local restaurant very often so I learned how to make a few dishes at home. You can buy pre-made jars of kim-chi at the local asian market but I can't eat a lot of cabbage so I learned how to make kim chi out of cucumbers.
So far I can make bulgogi, beef galbi, cucumber kim chi and tak toritang. I really want to make some dol sot bibimbap but it looks like so much work.


Yogurt! I think I'm going to start a blog sometime, it's sure tasty AND healthy AND simple!


@triplebud: Deer jerky is awesome too. Unfortunately I don't know any hunters so I've only tried it once or twice :)


@tippypaws: if I could get my hands on some venison I'd definitely make deer jerky. I've had stew, steak and jerky. I only like the jerky. Everything else tastes gamey if you know what I mean.


@triplebud: Deer chili tastes like normal chili. I guess all the spices over-ride the gaminess of it.


@omnichad: Ooh, that's a good one. I've always heard that's one of those soufflé kind of things: hard to master, but totally worth it.


@triplebud: Yes! Though it does take some time. The USDA guide seems to be the go-to resource for pickling information:

Mostly, it seems to be make a brine, make sure everything is clean, then wait for delicious food. Easier than makin' dinner.


@gatzby: Get one of the Ball "Blue Books" for canning. If you can still find one, an older Kerr canning book is even better. The Kerr books are out of print (but often appear in second hand stores). The blue book is still available on Amazon, and hasn't really changed all that much for years (other than the addition of some recipes).

Pickling is easy.

(I only show the Kerr one as an example. No way should you give someone $100 for it.)

This is also good: