questionshave you seen the official pemberducky woot cake…


Jumbowoot will need to step up his game if he wants to compete with cake.


Cake in a jar? Very clever & inventive, @pemberducky! + 1 for a staff member that does a beautiful follow-through!

Errrmmm, what 'flavor' of cake was it? Looked like confetti. Hope it didn't taste like paper. ;-)


You are a very brave person.


you didn't show multicolored vomit, so i assume you are all still alive.


I'll say it again.....Seattle's not that far away. :)


@gmwhit yes it was confetti ! and it was very good! (Not dry even) @hackman2007

@moosezilla no vomit here! Didn't even feel woozey!

@figgers3036 @belyndag @barnabee @raider9924

Here is a portion of the note! more to be revealed later (bhwahahahaha)


This is one for the Woot history books, that's for sure. Well done Pemberducky, this is simply awesome.


Haha, I'm not confident in my own bravery if I saw something quite like that...

I'm lying. I'd scarf it down in 10 minutes.

P.S. what did the note say? Was it a luuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrve note?


Fun. And as mentioned, brave. With the sound muted, the scene with the box, the knife + the monkeys registered nicely ominous. Cake In A Jar...haunting your table this Halloween.


@devexityspace: It's like Alice in Wonderland. Are you now 10 feet tall?


@belyndag: Nope, I don't want to know what the note said. I blush too easily.


@capguncowboy: I love cake! Besides, how bad could it be? :::remembering the "making of the cake" visuals::: Okay, so it could have been pretty bad, but one taste of even something awful is survivable, and that creation deserved at least a taste.


@devexityspace: LOL! So management considers that a disclaimer? Wouldn't hold up in court, my friend!


@belyndag: Respect mah authoritah!

-The Mgmt.


Good job on the video, probably much better than what I could have done :)

What did the cake taste like?



Weird Al was a nice touch!


I saw the "Making of" the cake. You are a brave person for tasting it. ;)


Really? Not even ONE "Ladyfingers" joke yet? I feel let down.


@belyndag: I was thinking the same thing.

@devexityspace: You're braver than I am. I don't like cake that much!


read somewhere that 2-day-shipped-Funfetti-cake-in-a-jar is like...the Fugu of confections. you have an intrepid household, @devexityspace.

oh, and Cake for cake? perfect.

thanks for taking the time to share. :D

oh! props, btw, to @lavikinga, who knows my tricks too darn well.


@figgers3036: In the other thread @devexityspace said "So I did receive the cake! and it was tasty! (Yes actually ate it despite Managements warning on the note!).. I will be posting video this weekend =/". Not sure what else it said but at the least it was a warning not to eat the cake....which he didn't listen to, lol.


Cake - Going the Distance, clever.


@pemberducky: Can't take any credit here. Sometimes my brain goes a little MacGyver on me. I've always been able to figure out a work around. Plus, being married to a military man made me learn how to pack all sorts of things to survive a carrier landing.


That was well done. I especially liked the audience of monkeys -- the one sitting on the jar to read the note was too cute.

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As @figgers3036 asked, we want to know what the note said!!