questionshave you seen the official pemberducky woot cake…


I'll say it again.....Seattle's not that far away. :)


Cake in a jar? Very clever & inventive, @pemberducky! + 1 for a staff member that does a beautiful follow-through!

Errrmmm, what 'flavor' of cake was it? Looked like confetti. Hope it didn't taste like paper. ;-)


you didn't show multicolored vomit, so i assume you are all still alive.


You are a very brave person.


Haha, I'm not confident in my own bravery if I saw something quite like that...

I'm lying. I'd scarf it down in 10 minutes.

P.S. what did the note say? Was it a luuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrve note?


This is one for the Woot history books, that's for sure. Well done Pemberducky, this is simply awesome.


Good job on the video, probably much better than what I could have done :)

What did the cake taste like?


Fun. And as mentioned, brave. With the sound muted, the scene with the box, the knife + the monkeys registered nicely ominous. Cake In A Jar...haunting your table this Halloween.


Jumbowoot will need to step up his game if he wants to compete with cake.



Weird Al was a nice touch!


As @figgers3036 asked, we want to know what the note said!!


@belyndag: Nope, I don't want to know what the note said. I blush too easily.


@figgers3036: In the other thread @devexityspace said "So I did receive the cake! and it was tasty! (Yes actually ate it despite Managements warning on the note!).. I will be posting video this weekend =/". Not sure what else it said but at the least it was a warning not to eat the cake....which he didn't listen to, lol.


@gmwhit yes it was confetti ! and it was very good! (Not dry even) @hackman2007

@moosezilla no vomit here! Didn't even feel woozey!

@figgers3036 @belyndag @barnabee @raider9924

Here is a portion of the note! more to be revealed later (bhwahahahaha)


@devexityspace: It's like Alice in Wonderland. Are you now 10 feet tall?


I saw the "Making of" the cake. You are a brave person for tasting it. ;)


Really? Not even ONE "Ladyfingers" joke yet? I feel let down.


Cake - Going the Distance, clever.


@devexityspace: LOL! So management considers that a disclaimer? Wouldn't hold up in court, my friend!


@belyndag: I was thinking the same thing.

@devexityspace: You're braver than I am. I don't like cake that much!


@capguncowboy: I love cake! Besides, how bad could it be? :::remembering the "making of the cake" visuals::: Okay, so it could have been pretty bad, but one taste of even something awful is survivable, and that creation deserved at least a taste.


read somewhere that 2-day-shipped-Funfetti-cake-in-a-jar is like...the Fugu of confections. you have an intrepid household, @devexityspace.

oh, and Cake for cake? perfect.

thanks for taking the time to share. :D

oh! props, btw, to @lavikinga, who knows my tricks too darn well.


@pemberducky: Can't take any credit here. Sometimes my brain goes a little MacGyver on me. I've always been able to figure out a work around. Plus, being married to a military man made me learn how to pack all sorts of things to survive a carrier landing.


That was well done. I especially liked the audience of monkeys -- the one sitting on the jar to read the note was too cute.

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@belyndag: Respect mah authoritah!

-The Mgmt.