questionsdo you know of a good website for buying cheap…


Check with some local music stores to see if they have a used CD or DVD section. They could probably use the business also. I've found some good CD's in very good to excellent condition.


Try for online. You can probably find almost anything that you're looking for for under a dollar, and then it'll be another two or three to ship.

Alternatively, see if there are any good record shops in your area, though I know these are becoming more and more scarce. There was one across the street from an apartment I used to live in that had 10 CDs for $8. I spent hundreds of dollars but expanded my collection immensely. Found some awesome out of print singles and at least one album from pretty much every 90's alternative band ever. It was pretty awesome

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These are trade sites but if you do not want to trade, you can purchase credits to get the discs you want. You can buy from the site or cheaper from other members on the message boards.Membership is free on both sites and the book trade sister site The cd site has a 50 cent fee for each transaction. Credits can be switched from all three sites if you are a member and want to trade books and use the credits for cd's or dvd's. 2 dvd credit is equal to 3 cd or 3 book credits. 1 cd = 1 book credit. Current prices for credits $3 for dvd, $2 for cd and $2+ for book in the message boards.

Browse the site to see if the discs you are interested in are posted. You can wishlist items that are not currently in the system. Some wishlists move quickly others do not move much at all. Also check out the message boards and you can find members offering to send extra discs for a reduced number for credits.

I am the same name there. Ask if you have ??s.


I'll second as I've had good luck there, especially with coupons.


@pattiq: Seconded; my name's the same on all three swap sites as here too.