questionsis amazon prime worth getting?


I'd say it depends on a lot of things. For me, it's useful. I buy many things from Amazon, and while the shipping costs are usually small, it keeps me from purchasing that "one more item" that would make the shipment free. It also means that I'll get it faster, using their free shipping choice, than if I go for the alternate (making purchases that are greater than $25). I almost never get it in one day because I don't live in a place that lends itself to that (which is fine with me), but it usually arrives in two.

I keep thinking I'll try the streaming option for movies, but then again, I still have DVDs that I've never watched. I don't have a Netflix subscription, and I have rented very few movies (ever). I like CDs for music, and appreciate that I can have an MP3 of anything (nearly) that I've purchased, available in the magical Amazonian cloud (which I imagine as living somewhere in South America, of course)...



The best thing about Prime is those big items, though. Shipping can become a sizable portion of a purchase, when the purchase is something that weighs 20 pounds (or more).

I wish it would give me an extra discount on Kindle books. Since I bought the Kindle, I've purchased (outside of antique books) precisely three physical books. One of those was something I'd been reading on the Kindle, but there were so many graphs and images it became easier to just have a physical copy (and I found it in a second hand store for $4).

Another thing about Prime is that many of the Amazon storefronts make use of it. I can purchase something from one of the many storefronts, and still know that it will be shipped in a timely manner, packaged appropriately, and for free.

For me, it's worth it.


Personally, I think Amazon Prime is worth it and I have been a subscriber for a long time. The way I see it, I would end up spending more than $6.58 per month in shipping if I did not.

For the free streaming, I honestly wouldn't get used to that. It's only a matter of time before Amazon decides to split it up in to two separate products. Costs for acquiring licenses keep going up as well as shipping costs. Free 2 day shipping and tv/movie streaming don't exactly go together.


It took me a while to try it, but I love Prime. I do almost all my shopping online, so Amazon and I were real good friends for years, but the shipping costs for some things were a stumbling block, as was the $25 minimum for Super Savings shipping.

Since so many Amazon marketplace partners use Prime, I now buy a lot more than I used to from Amazon, especially household goods that we can buy in bulk cheaper online than locally, have it delivered right to our door, and not have to pay separate shipping costs. Amortized on a per shipment basis, I figure it adds maybe a $1 to each order I place in a year, which I can easily consider a convenience cost.


I have purchased it twice now. A resounding yes to Prime. Free shipping pretty much pays for it during the Christmas shopping season, and the peace of mind of not having to go out into the crowds is priceless. Add that to the free shows that aren't on Netflix and the free book a month and I feel it's a great value. On top of that, I have never had such good customer service from a company than I have received from Amazon.


LOVE Prime. Shipping.....streaming....shipping on LARGE items...multiple's just too damn efficient! I've received items the very day after I ordered them sometimes.

Also, make sure to check and make sure you don't qualify for an Amazon Student or Amazon Mom/Parent discount.


I love it and also use the free streaming to my Vizio TV.


I started on Prime with the Amazon Student freebie (no streaming). After my free time was used, I started to pay. Have gotten used to having it, love it.

They have a lot of UK TV in the free streaming selections. I buy many small items from Amazon, when I can't beat the price at Ebay or elsewhere. Amz has abysmal searching, except in the media sections, but I persist and find a great price much of the time.

Saves me from having to go to the store. Well worth $80/year.

As @shrdlu mentioned above, wish it came with a Kindle book discount. Now, I only buy physical books if the used hardback is cheaper than the Kindle version, or Half Price Books is having a sale, or if the book has lots of art, pictures, or diagrams.


You can have up to 3 or 4 guests who will also get free 2 day shipping. They won't get access to the Kindle library or movie streaming though.

Find a couple people who only want the free 2 day shipping and have them split it with you.

Paying $20 is definitely worth it.


I started Prime when I got it at student price & I've never looked back. Once you do math on the things you normally buy, whim purchases you make on the internet, & the occasional deals you find here & there, you're likely to find that it IS for you. If you have self control when it comes to online purchases, don't order much from Amazon &/or aren't super price conscious (down to the dollar), you may not need it. It has changed our lives. We get presents, social planning devices (aka lots of themed party items, cheaper than party stores), basic standards (shampoo, floss, toilet paper) & all the things we might want otherwise (videogames, books, home decor, furniture, other things & stuff) at better prices than you can find anywhere, especially if there's no Amazon tax in your area.

The Prime streaming is a bonus & it probably won't last, though we're enjoying it while we can!

If you are censored in your online purchasing & are cool w/waiting to buy $25 worth, you can do w/o it....


I think it is definitely worth it. It's so nice to purchase what you need without having to worry about additional shipping charges. I just recently started using the streaming and it is very nice to have. I started with a student account and then renewed for $39. It was a no brainer at that price. See if you are eligible for a discounted price, might make the decision easier.


Odd (wo)man out here. I have never understood why anyone would pay for Prime. Unless you really need to have items shipped quickly. Perhaps you could say I plan ahead and don't make impulse purchases. Note: If it's not sourced by Amazon, you pay shipping w/or w/o Prime or the $25 total.

I keep a lengthy Wish List, and buy when I want/need item(s) that total $25. Shipping is truly free. Yes, it does take longer for me to receive the package. OTOH, I have not spent $80 (or whatever it costs) to purchase things I can wait to receive. Note: I don't 'stream', nor do I consider a loan of 1 Kindle book a month any kind of incentive.

I also use the $25 free shipping at Walgreens. When they have sales on toilet paper, paper towels or other items (even food)'s a great deal, too.


I'm going to keep it simple. If you feel like you can afford it and shop on amazon regularly the answer is a resounding YES.

I love prime and will never be without it again.


Also, if you have a Kindle with prime you have access to the Kindle Owners Lending Library. You get to "check out" one book per month. Your selections don't stack, however, and you can't check out another until you "return" the first.


I get it every other year. I don't stream the videos and I use it only for the shipping benefit. My brother in law and I take turns picking it up and share it with the other. That way, it only costs each of us $79 every other year. If you find 4 people willing to do this with you, then I highly recommend it. You won't get the video access on the invitational membership, but that only matters if you'd use it.


Okay. Maybe I didn't explain myself. Will try again. Big items ship FREE. Items totalling $25 ship FREE. Items that are not sourced by Zon/Associates will NOT ship free, whether you have Prime or use the $25 total order.

The only advantage I see w/Prime is the rapid shipping. I can wait. Oh, and the fact that you need not have a $25 order total may be appealing to some. To me, w/my Wish List, I can wait until I have that total. You are NOT saving shipping costs...on anything.

And, shipping is really FREE. Again, I do not 'stream', and NO, a loan of 1 book a month for my Kindle doesn't entice me. Note: Anyone can loan those books that are 'loanable.'

Still puzzled why others find this necessary. Other than, you like/need shipping w/i 2 (or so) days. Of course, that's okay. Your choice, as snapster mentioned in a previous thread. His time was more important, etc.

An aside: @gideonfrost I CAN afford this; just don't know why I'd spend an extra $80- a year for it.


I use Amazon regularly so yes. I don't use the movie portion - not worth it for that.

If you share it with a few people it's really worth it.


@gmwhit: I'm with you.

I had Prime for free for a month when I received a Kindle as a gift. I shop online a lot and getting free rapid shipping was fun. Not something I need though so not something I'm willing to pay extra for. In fact, having Prime may cost me MORE money because it encourages my impulsive spending habits and I found myself buying more on Amazon in that 1 month of free Prime that I did the previous 6 months combined. I'm glad I didn't sign up after the 1 month trial expired.


@thewronggrape: Thanks! :-D I keep wondering if I'm not saying what I'm thinking. Free shipping, to me, means Free. Prime is NOT free.

IF you want/need quick shipping & are willing to PAY extra for that. Then, okay. Or, IF the streaming bonus adds enough to the price of Prime to benefit you.. Okay, good, it's for you. Other than those 'bonuses,' I do not understand. Again, the free loan of 1 book per month for Kindle users is silly. You, too, can loan any book that is marked as loanable to anyone. Or, borrow books from your participating library.

Free shipping is not free if you pay for it. Prime is not free. You receive FREE shipping w/a $25 order. You are paying for the faster shipping. And streaming & a 1 book a month loaned for Kindles.


We signed up for the 1 month free and are going to cancel. We mainly tried it out for streaming, but about every 3 minutes we get the swirling circle as if its not downloading fast enough. We have checked our bandwidth and have adequate, but for some reason we can not watch a show without it having streaming issues. Definitely try it out, maybe streaming will work better for you. But as for prime shipping, if you do a lot of online ordering it could pay for itself, but there also I have found items priced a lot cheaper elsewhere.


Try the free trial and keep track of how much you save on shipping.

I love Prime, but I buy everything short of groceries on Amazon (kitchen-ware, toiletries, all Christmas presents, etc...) It's probably not worth it if you only shop occasionally. I also share my shipping benefits with my parents, my in-laws, and my roommate. We don't split the membership, but its nice saving them money too.


I get it every year due to the sheer amount I order through them. I also deal with computers, and as an OEM being able to get a customer a replacement part overnight on the cheap is good customer service.