questionsdo you expect post-credit scenes?


I don't expect them for a lot of movies, but I like them when they happen. The biggest ones I think of are the three Toy Story movies, where they actively animate and voice bloopers. Most studios would see that as a waste of time and money, but the Pixar guys still take the time and effort to add them.


I'd expect it from a comedy or animated feature, but not for a "serious" movie. It's still nice to see a little something extra, regardless of what kind of film it is, but I don't expect it from Schindler's List like I do Anchorman.


@captainsuperdawg: I always remember the blooper reals from the old Burt Reynolds racing comedies...sometimes the best part of the movie.


For most movies, I don't expect things after the credits, but I always enjoy them when they are there. I always like to sit through the credits. It's a habit I picked up in college when I saw movies with my friends from the theater. We always clapped for the gaffer. I always enjoy seeing all of the different job titles, learning where the movie was actually filmed and looking for the names of a few friends of friends who work in the movie industry.
Watching the credits also gives me a bit of time to reflect on the movie and form opinions before talking with others about it.

I agree that the Pixar movies have the best credit/post-credit extras. Despicable Me had some fun bits as well. I liked Vader's heavy breathing at the end of one of the prequels...I think it was Phantom Menace.


I definitely have come to expect it from comedies... Which got me thinking about the first time I remember seeing a post-credit addition to a movie (not including take-out scenes) and the first I can remember was Ferris Bueller's Day Off... Can anyone nail down the first time it was used?


@okham: I also always enjoyed the bloopers in the Cannonball Run movies. RIP Dom Deluise.


I also google to see if there is a "Stinger" when I go to a movie (even a release day movie will have information on whether there is or isn't) -- That way I don't waste my time watching the credits.


I hate missing out, even when it is something stupid...and I also like to acknowledge all of the people that worked on the film so I often stay to the end regardless. But if I'm in a hurry (and drank a lot of soda) I check the "RunPee" app on my phone to see if there is anything to wait for. That app tells you when all the lulls are in the movie that are basically OK to miss if you have to step out for a minute, and also if there are any scenes during the credits.


@gt0163c: Same, I like to watch the credits. It originated from my family staying until the very end because as my father put it: "We paid the full price for 113 minutes of movie and we are getting 5 dollars worth of film." As you can tell by the ticket price, it was a very long time ago.

It later morphed into, like you, looking for familiar names, looking at all the positions of a movie crew but also looking for funny names. My friends never want to wait afterward and always look at me sitting there waiting for me to get up and go. What's the rush? I know you don't have anywhere to go after this because I'm going with you!

I also love original scores done by an orchestra. I appreciate that a director specifically chose the music and I should respect the film by listening to it. My favorite track from The Dark Knight was the piece that lead into the credits.

As for the OP, my favorite post-credits scene was after Street Fighter when M. Bison's suit automatically revived him.


My friend and I stood outside the theater last eveniing trying to decide between Cabin (my choice) and Fish for Yemen (close enough). We saw the film about bringing salmon to Yemen. We stayed until the last credit ran expecting maybe something more - nada.

OP - did you enjoy Cabin?


@klozitshoper: It was entertaining (bloody and humorous)...not great, probably wouldn't see it again, but worth a matinee if you like this kind of movie. My biggest complaint was that they gave away some things they shouldn't have in the previews.


My husband likes looking at reviews, so usually he'll know if there's a teaser, stinger, whathaveyou after the credits. I'm not springing from my seat the second they begin to roll, but there's no way I'm sitting through scores of names, including more gaffers than you can shake a stick at, for nothing. If he's not sure, we'll leave and find it on youtube if we miss one. Otherwise it's sitting there talking about people's strange names and wondering if there's enough time to hit the bathroom and return before the credits run out.


Oddly, I do it the most often for video games (yes, they have credits. Usually very long ones). The Halo series (2 and 3) were very notable for this, as the post credit cutscenes were vital to what happened going forward.


I generally wait aorund at marvel movies expecting something that will give away what the next movie has. I can't remember which one it was, but one recently did not ahve one and I was a little disapointed.


Jackie Chan movies always have great extras. Mostly of him hurting himself. Although there was a hilarious one in a costumed historical movie where his cell phone rang and he pulled it out of his sash with an abashed grin. In anime it is called "Omake" and you often get a little extra animated material at the end. The most memorable one for me was in Ushio and Tora. At the end of the last episode there is a very long omake with chibi (cutesy) versions of the characters, a rapid paced retelling of the entire series with a much lighter take on everything, no one dies, a good time is had by all. It was a really fun wrap-up to a very enjoyable series. We always stay through the end credits because we enjoy the music and the funny names and we always want to see where it was shot. We travel a lot and shop for potential vacation destinations that way.