questionswhere oh where has @jumbowoot gone?


Not sure about secret projects but I was quietly chastised yesterday for tattling wrongly on a deal. Twice. I assure you that @jumbowoot is alive and well.


@jsimsace: should have tattled on that toy r us deal instead. That was where all the cool kids were being ignored.


@jsimsace: I have a 4-letter word for that...



@jsimsace: Still not getting it, email? PM? I thought the PMs from the woot site were discontinued.
edit I see PM is still hard to find and still around.
So PM?
double edit Even Jumbowoot deserves some time off, but if I was guessing he is working harder then ever this time of year.


@jsimsace: ah, just a stupid groupon deal for toys r us. Posted 4 or so times in a few days, but only the duplicate of the duplicate was left active. I tattled 2 of the duplicated; one was deleted, one expired and the most recently posted ended up with a boatload of votes. Just chapped my butt a bit to see. Not the OPs' fault, but I felt it was poorly managed. end rant


@caffeine_dude: Sorry for my short answer, but it was basically an email from JW politely asking WTF I meant by tattling on an item twice when the listing was correct.
tl;dr JW is still among us and is always correct. :)

@okham: I've been in a similar situation. I tattled on a deal from a vendor that was a double-duplicate of their own deal. What happened? The older ones were suddenly RIPed, leaving my comments intact on the most recent offer. I got the SOD* award that day.

*Sacrificial Overzealous Dumba$$


Perhaps @jumbowoot is recovering from to much turkey, relatives, and deals.woot complaints.

Time off is always appreciated, even if someone else who works hard gets it!


He's around. No worries, peeps. :)


I saw him washing his Order of the Cockatrice robe just this morning. Maybe he's just getting ready for the next coupon email?


@all he is up and about. He took down a question yesterday that spawned another question about taking down questions.

Say that 5 times fast...