questionswhat do you do when you can't sleep?


I take melatonin if I have any around. If not I eat a banana along with some almond milk with cinnamon. The banana and cinnamon are both supposed to promote sleep. I have a horrible sleep patterns so I feel your pain! Hope you feel better.


Try your best to get away from the computer, it will keep you up. If you are in bed try reading a book instead of watching tv. I find with tv I can get bored sometimes and then I will start thinking, a book however is kind of more engaging but less stimulating.

I also find these over the counter sleep aids to be very effective:

Same ingredient that's in nyquil but a lot more of it.


I've been waking around 4:30am lately, having gotten just enough rest to find it difficult to get back to sleep, so I've been researching and experimenting with solutions.

Bright lights your face -- tv, monitors, tablets, laptops -- increase your wakefulness, so even though they seem like a good refuge, they're a bad idea. Instead, read for bit if you can; reading can be relaxing enough to let you ease back into sleepiness.

Especially if you're sick, some of your sleep difficulty may be from body aches that are just below the threshold of your awareness, so try taking whatever mild pain reliever you usually use (aspirin, ibuprofen, etc.). This is my first and best source of help in the wee hours.

I usually take a half or whole Benadryl tablet as a sleep-inducer; you might want to try any of the OTC products to see if one makes you drowsy enough to let you relax back to sleep.

Hope you feel better soon; it's really miserable to be sick and awake in the middle of the night.


I have my computer read to me. I have a lot of ebooks and the Internet is always full of new content. Anything with a narrative is usually good, but Leviticus or Numbers from the Bible work in extreme circumstances. I find moderate-quality fan fiction to be the best, often: enough plot to keep my mind from wandering, but not so well-written as to keep me awake. Although a book I've already read like The Hobbit or the Lord of the Rings trilogy also makes a good alternative. On Mac OS you can bind a key to speak the selected text using the system voices (I prefer Alex, but there are a lot of them to choose from) so it's very easy to work with. It also makes a good proofreading tool.


I usually just get up and run my errands (e.g., dropping off mail, run to the ATM, go to the 24-hour grocery store/pharmacy, etc.) less traffic and no lines so I get thing done quickly.


I fall more in the "give up" category. If I can"t sleep, I usually get up and read or do other chores.


I find a heating pad, applied to the abdomen, back or upper thighs, to be very soothing - even more so if I have any kind of ache, pain, or digestive issue. I have and recommend this heating pad; it's big, soft and flexible. I bought it elsewhere, but it's #1 in the category on Amazon.

A cooperative snuggle-pup or kitty can be very comforting, too!


Play dance central 3 so I will knock out after by body comes back down from the high.


If you are tying to sleep stay away from a computer like others mentioned. I find keeping the lights low after a certain time helps me. Otherwise just stay in bed and try to keep your eyes closed. You may be surprised at how much you are sleeping. Beware dreams where you think you are awake especially when you are sick.


@jsfs: Audiobooks are great for insomnia. You get an engaging story that you can listen to without light and with your eyes closed.

I also used to really like listening to old radio dramas like sherlock holmes or the shadow. X minus 1 was really good too.


A couple of quick shots of vodka usually gets me back to sleep fast. Sort of a reverse red bull.


Liquor. It does the body good. Or at least in times like that.

Feel better!


Trazodone, Rx only. Much safer than Ambien


If I find I woke up in pain, I take some Advil, grab a cat (against it's will) and drag it under the covers with me! (They do like sleeping with me under the covers, but on their time, not when I'm needing some help falling asleep, lol!). Once I have poor unwilling cat, I pet it (which is relaxing), and it starts purring (which makes me feel happy too), then with it's furry little warm purring self, I'll start drifting off. They leave in my drift off phase. But, I usually wake up with at least one under the covers, sometimes two! So nice!

If I woke up for some unknown reason, I tend to get on the computer (which is bad, because it keeps me up for too long!), or just give up and do something like clean or organize something for up to an hour and try to fall asleep again.

If it's from creepy dream...forget it, sleep becomes a joke for hours! Cats, music, lights on, reading, yeah nothing works. I sit cringed in a corner until I'm too exhausted to stay awake, and pass out, lol.


If you have continual insommnia, I suggest that you purchase a "white sound machine". There are lots of different ones to choose from on the web. I have a Conair SU-1 and use it every night for restful sleep. As an RVer I am overnighting in many different spots with a myriad of weird sound that might keep me awake. Having the sound machine cures that problem for me.
It will take about 5 days for you to train your brain to a sound that suits you and after that, your brain will prefer to listen to the sound machine instead of running a million thoughts through your head which keeps you awake or from falling asleep.
Good luck..


A lot of people I know had trouble sleeping on Saturday night, myself among them. It seems like there was a lot of energy that night. I especially have trouble sleeping well during the spring and fall. I am just very energized during those seasons, and constantly feel like I want to leap out of bed and do things rather than wasting time asleep.


I watch that Kevin Smith show, the one about him and his comic book store. 5 mins and I am out like a light fast asleep,